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Priorities Of Highland Capital Management

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Safety Measures At HCM

Highland Capital Management offers a wider range of financial advice, products and services to its clients. Some of these include high yield credit, structured products, long and short equity, healthcare investment, oil and gas investment, real estate and emerging market investment opportunities. Highland Capital Management uses a number of security measures when it comes to safety of its clients’ personal and investment information as well. It uses 128-bit security socket layer technology in place of conventional form of security for firewalls and encrypted data. Investors can safely invest through this company without having to worry about their personal data. The firm is regulated by strict rules and guidelines as well as stringent privacy and work ethic practices. This means it has gone through tedious screening process before going into business.

Efficient Customer Support Service

When you call support center at Highland Capital Management, you are probably talking to an office-based employee who will offer a number of advice and suggestions to solve your issue, along with the needed support. Or simply visit the official website of this firm to contact the authority at HCM. By looking at what this financial firm by James Dondero offers, it is clear that the firm is serious about its policies and keeping loyal clients satisfied. There are many types of options for investment that investors can avail here. Not just the type of products and services that are attractive at HCM, even the variety is appealing as well. Apart from the free setup of client account, first-time investors will get complimentary discounts to various investment packages. Highland Capital Management offers invaluable support in the field of asset management for institutional clients. You can get immediate response from customer support representatives who will walk you through the process of particular service that you need and offer help with your issues. These teams are also available around the clock. Pay for each investment package varies from one type to another. The good news is that these services are usually flexible, relatively cheap and available to investors from all walks of life. You are free to choose whatever service you want based on your portfolio or other factors. Now, other investment firms might not feel affordable to you – particularly if your investment amount is below a certain threshold. Historically, highland Capital Management has been among the least expensive investment firm you can find. The professionals here help make sure of affordability by offering discounts to many of the investment options.

About James Dondero

There are many noteworthy individuals who have contributed to the success of this company. James Dondero of NexpointAdvisers is one of them. With over three decades of experience in the credit and equity market, James has focused mainly on the excellence of his company. Since its inception, he has been a pioneer in the many services that HCM provides, especially the Collateralized Loan Obligation market, mutual funds, REITs, EFTs, hedge funds and private equity funds to mention a few. The company has excellent systems in place for all the services it provides.

Shaygan Kheradpir, Leader in IT Innovation

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Shaygan Kheradpir is a London-born business technology executive who holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. In 1987 he began working at GTE Laboratories, the largest independent telephone company in the United States during the time of the Bell System. Shaygan Kheradpir handled network routing, management and control and eventually headed the software systems lab where he recruited and built a cutting-edge organization that created TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System), a network management platform that consolidated infrastructure, transmission and switching. In 2000 GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon, where Shaygan served as the president of its e-business division before quickly ascending to become the company’s first CIO/CTO. He headed a team of 7,000 that was responsible for developing cutting-edge technology including Verizon’s FiOS fiber optic video initiative and The Verizon One, a combination phone, router, modem and portable device.

In January of 2011, Shaygan Kheradpir joined Barclays, a London-based multinational banking and financial services company and acted as Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail & Business Bank. He continued building his reputation for innovation by being instrumental in the development of leading-edge customer products, most notable being the Pingit mobile payment software. He was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer in March of 2013, marking the first time that a technology executive sat on the executive team at Barclays. Shaygan was named CEO of Juniper Networks in November of 2013 due to his proven track record of successful business operations and technology leadership. He is now the CEO of Coriant, which supplies innovative networking solutions to leading network operators in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In addition to Shaygan’s impressive resume, he also had been included in CIO Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 2007, served on a board of the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) from 2010 to 2013 and is a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council. The key to Shaygan’s success is a constant focus on what the customer wants and needs and how those things constantly change as technology advances. “I think in these times when things are changing so quickly, the partners have become so much more important. They understand who the customer is. It’s like crossing a river. We have a clear point of view of what the other side of the river looks like, and we know how to build the bridge generally, but the biggest thing is how we collectively get the customers onto the bridge.”

The Leading Lady In Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most popular and highly sought after plastic surgeons in the United States and it’s not people in need of surgery that are seeking her out. Dr. Walden has become the leading lady in aesthetic surgery and has spoken on many topics regarding advancement in the field, soft tissue injections, mommy makeovers, celebrity plastic surgery, teen plastic surgery, breast implants, minimally and non-minimally invasive surgery and laser procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified surgeon, has fellowship training in cosmetic surgery and an excellent academic track record in medical school which lead her to a highly sought after residency and attending position.

Walden grew up in Texas and attended high school, undergraduate school and medical school in her home state as well as completing her residency. While in her residency years she completed an externship at the prestigious Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. There she trained under highly skilled doctors Tom Baker and James Stuzin who where pioneers and teachers of facelift surgery and anatomy. When her residency finished she was hand picked to continue her education as a fellow at Manhattan Ear, Eyes and Throat Hospital. This fellowship is considered one of the most highly competitive and sought after because of the advanced knowledge gained in the field of aesthetic surgery. During her fellowship she learned cutting edge techniques for cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, and body.

After her fellowship she became an associate of one of the world famous plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston. She spent the last eight years as Aston’s associate in Manhattan, whom is known as one of the most authoritative voices within the cosmetic surgery field. During their time together Walden practiced Aston’s skills and practiced her techniques in the surgery itself and bedside care, both of which are highly important to Walden.

Walden eventually moved her practice back to Texas and continues to shell out high class surgery with perfect techniques and gracious bed side manner to all her patients. Walden, like many doctors, shares he gift with regions of the world that cannot usually receive highly needed surgeries. She has participated in Austin Smiles, a medical mission trip that provides cleft lip pallet surgeries to children in need. Walden is also an active member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Walden doesn’t stop at surgery either, she is a published author who wants to continue to educate the public about aesthetic surgery and the medical advancement in the field, and the book quickly became a best seller. Dr. Walden is one of the few women surgeons who continue to thrive and push forward in her field.

What Do Healthcare Companies Do?

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There are a number of healthcare companies operating throughout the United States and elsewhere, and there are a few things you should know about healthcare companies. Some of these things include what they are, what they do and things of that nature. Read on to find out more about healthcare companies.

What Are Healthcare Companies
As the name implies, healthcare companies are companies that work within the healthcare industries. There are many examples of healthcare companies, such as stores that provide various healthcare products, as well as healthcare facilities that offer healthcare services to treat patients.

What Do Healthcare Companies Do
Some healthcare companies may manage various clinics and hospitals and other types of medical care facilities where people go to when they need some form of healthcare. For example, a company may manage a clinic that offers specific types of surgeries. Some healthcare companies offer very basic healthcare services, while there are healthcare companies that offer health insurance and health plans to the public or to businesses.

Furthermore, a healthcare company may help those who run their own medical practice by marketing their services, managing their office and event handling payments on the medical center’s behalf. There are just a few examples of what some healthcare companies may do.

Nobilis Health
Nobilis Health is a full-service healthcare development and management company. The company owns various care facilities that have qualified staff on-hand to provide healthcare services. Nobilis owns, as well as manages various facilities throughout Houston, Dallas and Scottsdale. Not only that, but they have a partnership with various facilities throughout the states of New Jersey, Minnesota, Oregon, Michigan, as well as Tennessee. The company owns and manages specialized surgical centers, and they offer management and operations services, as well as marketing services. Some of the management services they provide relate to financing, management and operations, strategic planning, licensing and accreditation, as well as bench-marking and legal.

It is worth pointing out that Mackie Research Capital released a very detailed report, and the analyst made some top picks for Q4 and Nobilis Health former Northstar made it to the top. It is no secret why, as the company is one of the leading healthcare companies around and they are dedicated to providing only the best services to the people they work with.

If you are a doctor or run your own medical practice, surgery center or anything of that nature, then it may be in your best interest to contact Nobilis health to find out if they can help you. Nobilis health is an excellent track record and they have been in business for a very long time. The company has helped out many healthcare professionals and they may be able to help you too.

How MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Brings Him Back To Life

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On 25 June 2009, Michael Jackson fans around the world received the terrible news that he had passed on. Many could not believe it while others were overcome by grief. The media all over the world played some of the most powerful MJ hits for days before the King of Pop was laid to rest. Renowned for his controversial life, his unique dancing techniques and interesting personality, Michael Jackson is no longer alive but living in the music videos, he left behind.
Many people have impassionate Michael Jackson in one way or the other. There are those who can dance his moves very well while others can mimic his voice. However, no one is a pure semblance of MJ than Sergio Cortes. If you were to spot him in Neverland ranch, am sure you can mistake him for Michael. He is the best MJ impersonator the world has ever seen.
Unlike many other MJ impersonators who undergo a lot of reconstruction just to look like him, Sergio Cortes is very natural. His physical similarity to Michael Jackson is astonishing. Born in Barcelona Spain, Sergio Cortes began his career at a very tender age. His mother, who was a Jackson 5 fan, took with her Cortes to the Jacksons concert. It was from his encounter with MJ that he fell in love with both the personality and the talent exhibited by the young boy in the Jackson 5. Ever since he has made MJ his role model becoming the accurate mimic of the king of pop.
If you watch, some of the music videos that Sergio Cortes has impersonated MJ you will believe that he is natural and got the talent just like his idol. He has recreated Michael Jackson look, and his dancing moves and voice would make you think that Michael is alive. He must have been a diehard fan of Michael because he has mastered even the smiles, love for fans and shyness.
MJ impersonation has become a career to many as they rekindle the memory of Michael Jackson. If the Sergio Cortes and Michael were to stand together, it would be hard to tell one from the other. Perhaps Michael Jackson is proud of Sergio Cortes effort to sooth the hearts of his fans who miss and adore him. It will be a long career for Sergio Cortes, as he cannot separate himself from the departed king of pop image and character; hopefully, he will not inherit the woes and controversies that MJ was going through.

The Rise Of Susan McGalla To Business Leadership

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Times have changed a lot; women are no longer the complacent homemakers they used to be. They are working hard and carving out a career path for themselves. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see women rising to positions such as company president and many other powerful posts. However, things haven’t been easy for the women that choose to reject mediocrity. As the current president of Harvard says, she has to remind people on a daily basis, even the newspapers and digital media, to stop giving her the title ‘First woman president of Harvard’; for she wants to be simply referred to as the president of Harvard.

One other woman who has made incredible strides in the world that is predominantly male is Susan McGalla. Susan grew up in a household that was full of men. She says that the fact that she was brought up as an only girl in a household with two boys and a football coach for a father did help her become the strong woman that she is today. She confides that her father did not treat her softly, just because she was the girl. He pushed her just as hard as the boys, and the efforts have paid off greatly.

Susan started her rise to the top business leadership positions at American Eagles Outfitters. As usual, she had been employed so that she could give a woman’s opinion on the women’s and children’s sales section of the shop. However, after working as a CMO for a few years, the management got to see that she was an exemplary leader, regardless of her gender. This is why they decided to promote her to the position of company president. This is a move that paid off handsomely for the company according to prnewswire for it was during McGalla’s leadership that the company made billions of shillings in sales returns.

After working as president at American Eagles for two years, Susan decided to change career direction. She created her own consultancy, P3 consultants, and started rolling out business advice to the major corporations. At the same time, she got a top job at Wet Seal. Susan is also a seating board member at some of the major companies in the country including being the director of strategic growth at Pittsburg Steelers. Susan has served as a trustee at the University of Pittsburg. Today she is a member of the board at HFF.

These are just a few of the achievements that Susan McGalla has made as a business leader. She says that the path hasn’t always been easy. ‘In a male-dominated world, you have to work twice as hard to achieve half as much when you are a woman’. Susan says. The only thing that works is to do your best and ensure people view you as a professional before they start viewing you as a woman. This will earn you respect, and your opinions will be valued. Currently, Susan is concentrating on her firm, P3 Consulting and she says that there is no limit to her growth.

Andy Wirth On The Use Of Clean Energy

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Andy Wirth the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. His successful and hard work has made this ski area one of the top worldwide tourist destinations. He also is very dedicated to environmental organizations and community service organizations in Lake Tahoe.

In addition to his successful career, Wirth also co-founded an Ironman team. He named this team the “Wounded Warrior Support.” This Ironman team raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation. He named the team in honor of the SEALS. This foundation helps support Navy SEALS and their families upon their return home. Andy Wirth recently wrote an op-ed that was published in the Reno Gazette-Journal on clean energy.

Andy Wirth notes that our country must move away from coal power and move toward clean and renewable energy. The Clean Power Plan, is a plan supported by many private companies to make this movement. Wirth also writes that our current economy is both healthy and diverse. It is growing and therefore it has given us a chance to make progress towards the movement to clean energy.

Now is the time for us to ask those in office to lead this movement. The use of use long-term thinking that is both rational and logical is vital to make this change. It is a fact that a healthy economy is made possible by policies like the Clean Power Plan.

Our air is poor, our droughts are real, and our fires are damaging. Our carbon footprint is large and our area’s contributions to the failing climate is real. Despite all new technology, we’re still using burning coal as an electricity source. We have the opportunity to help bring in clean energy sourcing while also welcoming some leading companies, such as Tesla, Apple and Microsoft. Companies like these are clearly stating that clean energy is our future. Simultaneously, they are providing our economy with jobs.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal

Skout; The App For Connection Ease

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Even if a person is sheepish about meeting new people, this problem has increasingly become much easier to solve. The way is at hand with a social app Skout right there on an Android or iPhone. Only a minimum of information is needed to sign up for Skout and more can be added by the choice of the user member once signed up and if the user wishes to reveal more to another member that they wish to meet with in a place that is agreed upon. It could be another reason for pause, but many are enjoying the ability to meet anyone in any part of the globe and at any given moment on Skout.

It is the easiest thing to set up with Skout. From a smart phone connect with your Facebook account or create one using a valid email account. There is a two group age based requirement. Those who are 13 to 17 years old will register from a computer and use their individual Facebook account. All those 18 or older may use their smart phones or mobile device. The steps are listed in the ‘Create Your Profile’ screen. Follow the easy steps and then tap the ‘Done’ button. When using Facebook, tap the ‘Connect with Facebook’ button. Then allow Skout to access the Facebook profile being used to sign up with. Tap ‘OK.’ There are some details to fill in for a public profile. To save those details tap ‘Done.’ At this point the world of Skout is open and many new faces await to be seen and met with.

It is free to join Skout and chat with other users. There are some upgrade features that have a price. These enhance the Skout experience. Skout uses its own currency. Points can be earned for signing up and then purchased.

To make sure users are not harassed by offensive users, there is a zero tolerance for bad behavior. The terms of service go into great detail about what this means and what will not be tolerated on Skout. Skout does advise users to be safe and report abuse. There are also tools in place to use for making interactions safe and fun. Parents need to remember that Skout is for users who are at least 13 years or older. Skout would like all parents to have a discussion with their teens about Skout and what it is. They should also read about the Family Online Safety Institute.

Another benefit for Skout users is the way it expands a social circle as Skout describes it. What they are referring to is traveling is enhanced by use of the Skout travel feature. The millions of users are now able to make virtual journeys online with the Skout app. The app will engage the user with other regions of the world and its users. Many young users are finding this to be a great way to transition from the virtual trip to a real physical journey to new places.

Beauty Professional Doe Deere

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Beauty enthusiast are probably very familiar with creative personality Doe Deere. Here is the scoop. Doe Deere, is an Internet phenomena. Doe Deere is a also a business and technology executive that has risen to the top because of her innovative makeup line. Lime Crime is an exceptional line of cosmetics that was created by Doe Deere. Clearly, the creative executive hit gold with Lime Crime. The cosmetics are favored by individuals and beauty bloggers across the Internet that prefer unique makeup that makes them stand out in the crowd. Let’s take a closer look at Doe Deere.

Lime Crime Executive
Doe Deere is the creator and CEO of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a very whimsical line of makeup designed for those that like to express themselves with bold and exciting makeup. Certainly, her line of makeup is not for the timid. It is for those that like to walk on the wild side of life. Doe Deere refers to her cosmetics as a line created for Unicorns. Certainly, it is this special and unique way of looking at things that has led her to creating a line of beauty products that are adored by her loyal customers. One surprising fact is that this successful executive actually started from very humble beginnings. Her strong belief in her products drove her to achieving the amazing success that she enjoys.

The Unicorn Queen
Doe Deere is a busy executive and refers to herself as the Unicorn Queen. This creator of Lime Crime believes that makeup serves a dual purpose. Makeup is used to enhance one’s individuality and to express one’s unique personality. Certainly, the average cosmetic company does not abide by this very unique philosophy. Doe Deere’s staff at the company are makeup experts and have their pulse on the hottest trends and creates products that address the uniqueness of their customers.

Internet Power
Doe Deere’s makeup brand on ideamensch was one of the first successful online. Certainly, she recognized the powerful impact that the Internet has on marketing and the ability to reach just the right audience with her line of bold cosmetics. Doe Deere sets very high standards for her line of beauty products. Certainly, others are watching and trying to follow in her footsteps. However, few will achieve the success that Doe Deere has achieved with her bold, wild, and very imaginative line of products. You certainly have to hand it to the Unicorn Queen. This business executive knows cosmetics.

Skilled Investment Banker James Dondero

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Entering the world of investment banking requires many kinds of skills. People must be prepared to demonstrate their ability to understand the marketplace and how it works. They must also know a great deal about other kinds of fields that are also related to the field of investment banking such as the field of economics and the world of finance. Many investment bankers also require people to understand other fields that are often used in the field of investment banking such as that of local American laws as well as laws that govern other nations. Someone who demonstrate a mastery of all such fields is someone who is likely to be highly successful in the field of investment banking and demonstrate the qualities needed to lead others in this field as well as amass a personal fortune of their own.

One person who has done much to demonstrate that he understands all the multiple fields of investment banking is James Dondero. Dondero is skilled investment banker with many years of experience in this field and a full understanding of how fiscal markets work both in the United States and abroad. His work in this field has helped people follow in his footsteps and have the best possible rate of return on their investment capital as well as being able to minimize their potential tax bills. Dondero understands many aspects of finance including how to use capital effectively as well as how to spot investment opportunities that might otherwise be missed by others. As a result, he and his firm Highland Capital Management have been given the chance to manage many millions of dollars in capital from people around the world who trust his firm to help manage such funds as effectively as possible even in a highly complicated and complex market.

Those who invest in the markets will be happy to note that they can get the kind of return that they want if they are willing to harness the power of the market in order to help them do so. The power of the market is ideal for the investor who is comfortable working with the stock market. James Dondero of has a well balanced portfolio can be the key to a portfolio that will keep growing even in a possible temporary market downturn. Over the long term, the market is likely to continue to grow and beat inflation, making it likely that any investment here will do well for the average investor. People who invest even a small sum in the market will find that doing so can lead to tremendous gains and the kind of funds they have in the long term that will often allow them to achieve all of their fiscal plans such as retirement. They might even be able to have funds that can let them take trips that they may want to take with family and friends or just as a spur of the moment thing that allows them to be able to have fun by themselves.

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