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The Lovaganza foundation works

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Every once in a year’s calendar people come together to celebrate the existence of a diversity of cultures. These events main aim is to create entertainment as well as appreciate life and gear towards a society that is appreciative of its neighbors and informed of the different ways of life of its people thus promote peace, unity, and love. Lovaganza have offices in the United States but base their entertainment all over the world with a clear cut out the calendar that will, in the long run, see to it that all cultures are showcased if they are well-adhered.

Through music and dance that speaks more of the culture of a community and brings the ancient stories and indigenous knowledge told from the eyes of the old knowledge that were passed forth by the previous generations handed down by word of mouth through literary forms. Hence they are recorded into videos, films and professional photos the shoots are in that case taken to different destinations.

The shooting of these films have been noted to boost the economy of the town as people are employed to take part in the casting hotels and motels also see an increased number of customers and not to forget car hiring companies make huge returns. This reduce poverty level in the location by a big margin. It has also helped promote interactions between the local people and the filming team. But above all the Lovaganza filming have helped people get to learn about their past and appreciate it more as well as increase their tourist attractions.

With high-tech cameras and film producers together with a highly qualified team, the success of Lovaganza is evident. Their state of art photographies have been shown in major art galleries and are a source of income as some are sold out. Paintings done with many artisans on the photos taken during these journeys have tremendous demands.

The Lovaganza team first milestone is to ensure that the future generation of children aged between zero to fifteen years gets access to quality life, and this is cut down to some short-term goals that are to be achieved step by step to achieve a wholesome long term goal. As a non-profit foundation, Lovaganza duly depend on donations as they work to ensure that they attain their primary aim timely. With a dedicated team of personnel and a group compelled to ensure they achieve their goals.

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White Shark Media: How To Deal With Customer Complaints

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White Shark Media is a highly reliable advertising and marketing company, specializing in PPC advertising. Clients from all walks of life seek out White Shark Media due to their excellent services and top notch customer support. White Shark Media has an impressive list of successful clients, including small business owners, medium-sized businesses, professionals and marketers.

Resolving complaints can be done effectively but you need to take appropriate steps to ensure the best possible outcome.

No one likes being confronted by difficult customers or irate clients. But how do you deal with the situation if one of your customers lodges a complaint or is being rude? Customers and clients are bound to lodge a complaint again your business one day, so it is extremely important to be prepared for how to handle it.

White Shark Media Complaints team had these types of issues to deal with when it first began in business. No matter how streamlined your operation, there will always be someone who is not completely satisfied with the service provided to them.

Avoid challenging the customer’s complaint as that will make things worse. It’s easy and natural to want to find fault or blame a customer for the situation. However, this is not a good idea and won’t help you to diffuse a customer or client from getting more upset.

Instead of challenging the customer’s complaint, listen attentively to what they are complaining about.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Try to remain calm when handling a complaint, even if the customer or client becomes irate or confrontational. It is a good idea to seek ways to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

Also, White Shark Media advises its staff to keep comprehensive records of all client or customer complaints. This record should be kept from the initial problem to the final solution.

White Shark Media has established guidelines and successful strategies on how to handle customer complaints. The company has trained its staff on how to effectively address customer complaints and deal with matters so that all parties involved are happy with the resolution. Their numerous customers and clients around the world are always raving about the outstanding service they receive.

If you want to learn more about the various advertising services offered by White Shark Media, or how they can help you deal with your marketing and promotions, get in touch with them at their website.

Securus just made visitation easier

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Prison is a scary place to be, but many prisoners are working to rehabilitate themselves for a brighter future. These prisoners deserve the opportunity to pull themselves out of a terrible situation. Every prisoner also deserves the opportunity to see their loved ones on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many families live hundreds of miles from the prison and cannot visit their incarcerated loved one on a regular basis. Securus technology is working to make visitation just a little easier for everyone.
Securus technology is the top company in the prison communication field. For years, they have made phone calls from prison possible. They are constantly trying to innovate solutions for prisons that will make life easier for prison officials and prisoners. Recently PR Newswire reports, the rolled out a new visitation app that is going to change prison for the better.

Video chat has been a reality for normal Americans for almost a decade. Skype, Facebook video chat, and Google Hangouts allow people to see each other, even when they are incredible distances apart. While this video chat technology is impressive, it has not been put to work in America’s prisons. Securus realized that video technology had not been used in prisons, and they decided to develop their own video visitation app.

Securus’ new video visitation app will open new opportunities for families around the country. The video app is extremely easy to use and allows people to visit from anywhere. First, you must schedule a visitation by visiting Securus’ site and using your log-in to schedule your meeting. When your meeting time occurs, you simply open the video visitation app and make sure that you a great wi-fi signal. From this point family members can enjoy a wonderful visit with their incarcerated loved one. The system has already been installed in several prisons, and it is receiving rave reviews from prisoners and their families.

Prison officials are huge fans of the new video visitation app for several key reasons. The app requires very little infrastructure from the prison. All you need is a working tablet and a wi-fi connection. Most prisons already have the infrastructure they need for the app. The app also reduces stress on prison visitation areas, so prisons are not required to hire as many staff members.

Visitation just got a lot easier thanks to Securus. This new prison visitation app should open up visitation to family members around the United States. Visit BBB to get more info on Securus.



Fabletics and the Kate Hudson

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The Fabletics brand has emerged as one of the most successful brands on the market, but it is all because of the high profile connection with co-founder Kate Hudson. As an actress, Hudson has been able to get millions of fans to notice her brand. She is well connected in the industry, and all the magazines are trying to get an exclusive.

Marie Claire has been one of those magazines that has managed to get information that the fans want to know. In an exclusive interview with Kate Hudson at there has been a lot of talk about athleisure and the way that people perceive the Fabletics brand. Kate has been vocal about the fact that this brand doesn’t require Spanx and some of the outfits even come equipped with a bra.

Customers that use the brand have seen how the Kate Hudson stamp of approval is able to sell clothes. When they go to the website there are special picks from Kate. This is something that has made people pay attention to the brand. That is what has separated Kate Hudson from the rest. That is what separates the Fabletics brands from the competition. She is a hands-on businesswoman that has taken time to see the brand evolve.

People that follow the early timeline will notice that the brand was getting lots of recognition on the Internet. There were a lot of people in the United States and abroad that were ordering clothes through the site. The athletic wear that would be ideal for working out, and athleisure buzz made people discover Fabletics.

Billions of dollars will be spent on exercising, workout clothes and gym memberships. People are impressed with this brand, and Hudson will have no problem with making this brand profitable because there is a demand for workout clothing. Many people may not use their workout equipment. Many may never go to gym that they signed up for. Lots of women, however, will still use the Fabletics clothes because these garments can be used for more than working out. That is the genius of the brand. It can enhance the wardrobe because the clothes are stylish and comfortable. Even when people do not carry out their mission to hit the gym, they can still enjoy the comfort of the athleisure that this brand is providing.

Hudson has made it her mission to educate people on the brand because she knows that this is what sells it. People may take a glance at the clothes and assume that these are cookie cutter outfits. Kate Hudson, however, knows that informing people about the fabric and the style will make these outfits stand out. She’s a savvy businesswoman with a purpose. 

What does Google say about YOU?

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Your reputation is very important when you are in business. With social media sites you are able to quickly and easily build a positive reputation online. However since the internet is very quick, you can very easily establish a very negative reputation if you make a few mistakes. As with businesses, your reputation can be changed for the better or worse as a job seeker or professional. Like businesses social media is able to allow potential employers research you and if you have an unfavorable reputation, you can fail to get the ideal job or get fired from your current one.

With these factors in mind you may be wondering what you can do in order to restore your online reputation. The solution to this problem is to use an online reputation management service. With this type of service you will be able to stop, fix and prevent anything that can give you a negative reputation on the internet. Since people often use the internet to find out information about individuals and/or businesses, getting an online reputation service will benefit them by ensuring that all negative information is either contained or eliminated.

Online reputation management services do a number of tasks for you which include managing search engine optimization, developing and managing content and monitoring third party websites. It is necessary to get an online reputation management service when you are a new business that needs exposure, need protection from attacks, and when you need to restore your reputation if it gets negative. Once you decide to get this type of service you will want to find one by determining your needs and goals, learning about their customer service and researching their reputation, services and prices.

Better Reputation is an organization that specializes in providing comprehensive management of the reputations of businesses and individuals. The organization offers free quotes in order to help you price the services you need. The company strives to make sure that your image on the internet emphasizes the positive characteristics of you or your business. With the organization’s services you will be certain that all of its work in managing your reputation is guaranteed to get you the best possible results.

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Mike Baur: Swiss Master Of Funding For Start-Ups

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It takes a special skill to know a good thing when one sees one. This is particularly true in providing funding for start-ups, where the difference between a good thing and a not-so-good thing might cost you billions of dollars.

One such angel investor with an excellent track record is Mike Baur. He might not be a household name in the U.S., but in Switzerland he is a luminary in the area of providing funding for start-ups and a rising star in the world of venture capital world-wide.

With an MBA from the University of Rochester and an Executive MBA from the University, Mike began a successful career in private banking. In 2014, with 20 years of experience and an extensive resume, Mike partnered with two colleagues to begin a his own start-up venture – The Swiss Start Up Factory.

The Startup Factory provides funding for start-ups in the technology sector that are in the early stages of their development. A primary focus is consumer shopping, mobile and other emerging technologies.

Now located in Durham. N.C., the Start-Up Factory’s selections each receive $50,000 in seed funding, personal, experienced mentoring, and an introduction to an expanding network of angel investors and other technology cognoscente who provide funding for start-ups.

Recent example of the the Startup Factory’s keen eye for business potential is Brevado, a provider of timelines for project-based businesses; BringMeThat, an online restaurant delivery service; and Hostelite, a hostel travel search and booking platform.

Read more:
Episode 13: Ten Ultimate Tips for Startups

Better together: accelerators from Zurich and Geneva join forces

Mike Baur has recently launched his own company, bainso (baur investment solutions) AG a venture that began with his investment in Bloom Star, a Switzerland-based online Flower delivery service. The business incubator Incuray of Zurich is also a large investor.

Currently, Mike’s largest investment is in Diplomero, an online education platform. This company provides businesses and universities with course development guidance, from inception to presentation strategies.

Even though he is developing an international reputation, or perhaps because of it, Mike Baur keeps a strong connection with the Fribourg region or his youth. He still lives there with his wife and family and devotes considerable time to cultivating Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He is the Co-Founder and director of the the Swiss Start-Up Association and mentors several start-ups in his homeland.

The future for technological innovation has never been brighter. And successfully providing funding for start-ups is a talent that will continue to be in great demand. Mike Bauer is in the forefront of this elite cadre of venture capital investors, and his future is as bright as the industry he monitors so prudently.

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Venezuelan Hospital Patients Suffer in Filth with Inadequate Medical Care

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Cancer specialists in Venezuela call out for help because patients are dying due to lack of access to even the most basic medications. Physicians say that the current state of corruption in the government is creating a situation where they are unable to provide medical care to patients who are suffering. Doctors like Jose Manuel Gonzalez have almost no equipment to work with and there is a medical crisis that is severely affecting the country.
Deplorable Hospital Conditions
The conditions inside of Venezuelan hospitals can be considered nothing less than deplorable says Dr. Jose Manuel. Patients are forced to lay in disgustingly dirty beds and they have no access to fresh water or air conditioning. There is very little running water in some places, but in most places, there is none. Toilets are clogged and there are no cleaning supplies for the staff to prevent the spread of illness.

Patients are provided with very little food, and what they do get is barely edible. They are not given food on a regular schedule because there is not enough to go around. Many patients are brought food, medication, drinking water, and cleaning water by their families.

Reminders of Death Everywhere
The morgues are full, refrigerators are broken and widespread blackouts prevent medical professionals from properly handling the deceased. Because of this, many of the public hospitals have deceased patients grimly lining the hallways until arrangements can be made for them.

Doctors plead with the government for help, but just like everyone else in this collapsing country, their pleas remain unheard.

Influences on the Field of Compliance: Helane Morrison

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Companies around the world have multiple regulations, laws, and quality controls to adhere to. To prevent lawsuits, large businesses can hire what is known as a compliance officer. Compliance officers are required to review business compliance and ensure that whatever company they are working for, adheres to the laws not just from the United States, but worldwide. Keeping track of so many laws is a rough and challenging business, however, the career field experiences a growth of ten percent each year. At a recent conference for this field, it was stated that it is one of the fastest growing careers with the most opportunities for advancement. So great is the growth that there are now programs at over a dozen universities that allow students to obtain a degree as a compliance officer. According to Roy Snell, who is the CEO of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics, this is a job that fixes the problems that arise in large companies.

One such person who has contributed to the field of compliance, is Helane Morrison. Morrison began her collegiate career in Journalism at the University of Berkley where she obtained her J.D. while working as the Editor-in-Chief for the California Law Review. Later, she also obtained her B.S. in Journalism while working as a newspaper reporter. Between 1984 and 1986, Morrison worked for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun and Hon. Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals. A year afterwards, while also working at the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkinshe, she passed the California State Bar and began her work as a lawyer.

Nine years later, Morrison began working for the Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco. Between 1996 and 1999, Morrison completed three major cases that involved disciplinary action against New York and California. In the year 1999, Morrison became a woman of history: She became the first woman to be the chief of the San Francisco District Office. In 2007, after continuing to “strengthen the impact” of the SEC, she now works as the Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC while also maintaining her position as a member on the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation.

Yeonmi Park: Freedom is Finally Hers

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Freedom is something we all take for granted, each and every day. We expect it and don’t fully appreciate it. However, sometimes we need things to be taken away from us to grasp that, as they say, freedom isn’t free. That is why, we should enjoy our lives to the fullest. We never know when that freedom will be taken away from us. That is why Yeonmi Park‘s story is touching so many people these days. Her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, is a profound read, which goes into great detail to explain what she went through on her path to freedom. She is now stronger than ever.
Let’s face it: life these days is all about survival and her story of survival is something that has really moved and touched many readers. We all look for inspiration and sometimes we find it in others. We can look at them and say, “If they can do it, so can I.” Anything is possible when you refuse to quit, believe in the idea that someday you will be be free or obtain whatever your goal is. Yeonmi Park is a true inspiration.

These days, young girls of all ages need someone they can look up to and they need someone that can inspire them to believe that anything is possible if they look deep within themselves, never give up, and always stay positive. It can be trying at times, but if Yeonmi Park can do it, under unbelievably tough conditions and circumstances, there is no reason that others can’t gain something from her story. That was the whole reason she wrote her book: to tell her story and inspire others.

People like Yeonmi Park don’t come along every day and when they do, it is always a treat to hear their story and hear how they overcome everything they had to endure. It reminds us that many our lives aren’t as bad as we make them out to be sometimes. It is also a gentle reminder that we need to enjoy our freedom daily.



Information About Laidlaw & Company

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Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that has its headquarters in Wall Street, New York City. The Chief Executive Officer is currently Matthew D. Eitner. This bank specializes in providing wealth management and investment banking services for their clients in both England and the U.S. The services related to investment banking offered by Laidlaw include the financing of acquisitions and the raising of capital by placing equity with retail investors who have a significant net worth. They also work extensively with initial public offerings and the various trading markets in the U.S.
The bank currently has more than 150 employees who are based in offices throughout Europe and the U.S. They focus on dealing with large institutions, entrepreneurs in the corporate world and companies that are located domestically and abroad. Some of the other areas of the investment banking world that they are involved in include helping companies to go private, alternative investments, helping companies to merge with one another, assisting companies in acquiring other businesses, repurchasing stock, joint ventures between companies, optimizing the balance sheets of various corporations and restructuring the finances of large companies.

The wealth management services offered by Laidlaw & Company are considered by many people in the financial industry to be one of the company’s main strengths. They provide their clients with advice regarding a wide variety of investment opportunities. This SEC registered firm will also manage the portfolios of their clients and suggest the investments that will help these people and companies to reach their financial goals in the fastest way possible. Financial planning is also a key services that Laidlaw often provide to new businesses. Many startup companies end up failing because of money being managed improperly. The bank creates a plan for these companies to follow that will enable them to stay afloat while they establish a customer base.


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