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The Pride Of Medicare Advantage Plans And InnovaCare

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It’s a U.S health insurance program. Medicare Advantage Plans have to cover all the services that Original Medicare covers apart from hospice care. The Original Medicare covers hospice care even if you are a member the Medicare Advantage Plan. All Medicare Advantage Plans include all kinds of emergencies.

On the other hand, Medicare Advantage Plans may offer coverages outside their usual circle, and this may include hearing, vision, or dental wellness programs. In the event one needs a service plan that isn’t medically necessary, one may have to settle all the costs of the service.
Below are some of the Medicare Advantage Plans
* An individual is required to use hospitals and doctors in the plan’s network.
* One may have to get referrals to see specialists, or choose a Primary Care Physician.
* The Medicare Plans have an annual limit on your out of pocket health care cost after which you don’t pay anything for the rest of the year.

Physician practice services
It’s a medical practice that involves two or more physician who come together to offer patient care services. For example, a Physician Practice is a group of doctors who provide patient care but don’t meet all the requirements of ¤411.352 for group service. For example, a hospital is an institution that offers surgical, psychiatric, or medical care to the injured or the sick and it’s not considered a physician practice.

Read more: InnovaCare Health | LinkedIn

InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a North American leading health care provider which via Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Provider Networks Programs offers access to dependable healthcare by creating proposals that are affordable, fully integrated with advanced technologies and sustainable.

Leadership behind InnovaCare Health
Dr. Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare, Inc. He still serves as the CEO of InnovaCare’s Healthcare Plans in Puerto Rico. Dr. Rick Shinto has over 20 years of clinical and operational healthcare experience.

Dr.Penelope Kokkinides
Kokkinides is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health, Inc. Before her departure and later rejoining the company in June 2015, she was the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta and InnovaCare, Inc. as well as the Vice President of Clinical Operations. She has over 20 years of healthcare experiences. Penelope Kokkinides specialized in government programs which mainly included Medicaid, Medicare, and the managed care industry. She has over time acquired extensive knowledge in managing health care processes, organizational infrastructure and developing clinical programs.

The Career And Healing Journey Of Andy Wirth

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Recently, Andy Wirth was elected to serve as the chairman and president of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC). Currently, Andy works as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. This is the parent corporation of Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows Resorts. Additionally, Wirth chairs the board of Trustees of Reno Tahoe Authority.
RASC promotes air services at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

In addition, the corporation seeks to identify new prospects for purposes of adding more flights. The board is made up of tourism entities and regional hotel and casino properties that include Reno, South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe. From Colorado to Quebec, Wirth’s contribution in development of air services and airports for different leading resorts and communities is unrivaled. Recently, he established air service to Reno-Tahoe International Airport courtesy of JetBlue service from the renowned JFK Airport.

Additionally, he announced that Alaska Airline Services would be available from John Wayne Airport and different other locations. This information was originally reported on Squaw Alpine’s website as explained in the following link
In 2013, Wirth was out skydiving with two of his friends.

However, the conditions of that day would later see Wirth land in a vineyard. As he was executing his final landing strategies, a pole that was holding the vines injured his arm. In an interview, Andy posited that his hand was spurting out blood. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

However, his previous undertaking as a back country ranger exposed him to the various ways of handling trauma in remote areas. In order to stay alive, he knew that he had to keep shock at bay and maintain his composure.

For 15 minutes, Andy lay at the Vineyard while keeping pressure on his brachial artery. While being transferred to the ambulance, he told the driver that he did all that he could and that it was up to him to keep him alive.

It is here that he knew that he had adequate chance of living. Andy was then transferred to a helicopter and taken to the hospital. The long time tri-athlete started regaining his fitness after 3 months in hospital. He recalls that his healing journey was difficult and a slow process.

As he continued to heal, Andy met with a team of Navy Seals who were training in town. Before long, Andy sent Andrew Messick, the CEO of IRONMAN, a short clip of himself riding his bike. Over the years, Andy had been making frantic efforts to push for an IRONMAN 70.3 race in the town.

Messick planned for the race after receiving Andy’s video. Together with his friend from college and a member of the Navy Seal team that he had met earlier, Andy joined the race.

According to their plan, Andy’s friend was to cycle, the Navy Seal would swim and Andy would run. Andy says that his friends and family played a crucial role in his healing process.

Don Ressler and The Joy Of Finding One’s Own Unique Style

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For some people, there comes a point when they are just tired of themselves and how their lives are. They want to make some changes for the better. One of the best ways to make changes is by changing the wardrobe. It is amazing the difference that a different style of clothes could make to a person. There are a few people that understand this difference. Among these people is Don Ressler. He is someone that is very passionate about the fashion industry and has looked for ways to provide something unique for people. For one thing, he wants to make sure that people can find their own unique style in any category at

Don Ressler is also an athlete. Given that he and his wife live an active lifestyle, they do often have the need to find some more clothes for the active lifestyle. However, they have noticed that there is very little room for individuality. Don Ressler and his friend then decided to start a line of clothing that offers styles that could not only be worn to the gym or other areas for fitness, but also for a leisurely night out. This line became known as Fabletics, which is selling a style of clothes called “athleisure.

For people that love to feel stylish, it shouldn’t have to stop at fitness. They should be able to find some clothes that make them feel unique, and attractive in. Don Ressler, his wife, Adam Goldenderg, and Kate Hudson believe this as well. This is why they put together companies that offer a lot of fun items. This enables them to choose athletic items that they know that they will enjoy. They also get to look at all of the accessories that they can use to bring out the extra bit of flair.

Don Ressler wants clothes shopping to be fun. It does not have to e such a boring chore. This is why he and others are trying to put together clothing lines that will support all types of people with all body types. Women will feel good in the outfits that they put together.

Global Tel Link Put On The Hot Seat By Securus

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In a press release, Securus Technologies announced that it would release the findings of a Louisiana Public Service Commission report accusing Global Tel Link (GTL) of massive wrongdoings.

GTL offers telecommunications service to all of the prisons in the state of Louisiana. There have been thousands of complaints lodged against GTL over the past 20 years, most of which, seemingly fell upon deaf ears. GTL has built up quite a history. Prison officials and incarcerated family members say that GTL not only provides poor service and frequently rips off customers, they fail to respond to complaints. 

Dallas-based Securus Technologies plans to release a series of reports highlighting GTL’s security breaches and wrong doings over the years. Securus CEO Rick Smith says it’s the only way to get the company’s attention. According to Smith, the embarrassment should make the company clean up its act.

“We are in the business to provide a valuable service to our clients. It is not our job to rip them off,” said Smith.

The prison telecommunications industry is a billion dollar entity. The problem is, with every legitimate service, about twenty more illegitimate ones pop up. “It’s hard to weed through the ones that are on the up and up,” said a prison official.

GTL has created a great deal of havoc in the industry. Some of the most egregious claims include double-billing clients, adding on services that weren’t authorized and even ignoring rate caps.

GTL has failed to respond to he allegations. But they will be forced to do so in short order. “What they’ve done has given a black eye to the industry,” said Smith.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

White Shark Media: Excellence in Advertising

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What makes a great digital media marketing firm? While there are many companies one could point to as standards of quality, none so accurately represent “quality in marketing” as White Shark Media, a rapidly growing firm with offices in Denmark, Central America, and the United States. Distinguished by their inclusion on the list of only 29 Premier Google SMB Partners in the US and for being a member of Microsoft’s Bing Ads Authorized Resellers, it’s easy to see why they’re a great choice.

Founded in 2011 by the trio of Gary Garth (CEO), Alexander Nygart (Chief Sales Officer), and Andrew Loik (Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer), White Shark Media Review team strives to bring the best possible service to their customers in the field of digital marketing, with 150+ employees across all of their offices.

White Shark media offers a wide variety of digital marketing solutions. As stated on their website, their search engine marketing services include SEM evaluations, local SEM management, a full customizable Tritor website, and logo design. Additionally, they offer pay-per-click services, like AdWord evaluations by trained AdWords specialists and Bing Ads management.

With an office in Miami, Florida White Shark Media sits at the heart of the advertising campaigns of thousands of small businesses both in Florida and across the rest of the United States. A short jaunt through the testimonials on their website makes it clear they’re one of the greatest choices in the field today. The sheer number of satisfied customers should dispel any doubts as to the firm’s commitment to excellence and their willingness to synergize with their clients’ unique needs. Learn more about White Shark Media Review:

As told in their bio, they still have their first customer, over three years after they were founded. Their very first client has remained with them since the very beginning; if that isn’t an indicator of their ability to both match a customer’s needs and to iterate and build on upon past successes, one might need to reexamine their understanding of the digital marketing industry and give White Shark Media a closer look.

The video below explains more about WSM:


With solutions for businesses big and small and an extensive list of satisfied customers over their three year history, it would be hard not to recommend White Shark Media to anyone looking to improve their digital presence, or help grow their business.

The Job of Online Reputation Management Companies

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The likelihood of actually maintaining a perfect reputation is very low. However, there are companies that are willing to bring forth needed improvements to reputation. Among the companies that deal with online reputation management is Better Reputation. They work to improve the reputation of their clients so that they can continue to bring in business in any industry that they are working in. The agents of Better Reputation are skilled in a wide variety of internet marketing. This allows them to spread the awareness of all of the good aspects of their clients. This also gives them the skill to bury bad results.

The clients will be able to build trust from their customers with a good reputation. When people hear good things about a company, they will be more inclined to support the company. This is the reason that people should take proactive measures in order to maintain their own reputation. There are many things they could do in order to provide their own reputation management. One very important thing to do is keep on adding updates. They can also add regular updates to their site.

One very important aspect of online reputation is social media. It is very important for one to maintain activity on social media. This involves following the right people. People must also manage their account so that they can avoid any problems on their social media account. Even if someone they follow posts something that doesn’t support their image, the person with the social media account is going to be left with something that will mess with his reputation. This is why it is important for him to get rid of anything that could make him look bad. He has to maintain a consistent image. With a consistent image, he will be able to make consistent sales.

The Lovaganza foundation works

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Every once in a year’s calendar people come together to celebrate the existence of a diversity of cultures. These events main aim is to create entertainment as well as appreciate life and gear towards a society that is appreciative of its neighbors and informed of the different ways of life of its people thus promote peace, unity, and love. Lovaganza have offices in the United States but base their entertainment all over the world with a clear cut out the calendar that will, in the long run, see to it that all cultures are showcased if they are well-adhered.

Through music and dance that speaks more of the culture of a community and brings the ancient stories and indigenous knowledge told from the eyes of the old knowledge that were passed forth by the previous generations handed down by word of mouth through literary forms. Hence they are recorded into videos, films and professional photos the shoots are in that case taken to different destinations.

The shooting of these films have been noted to boost the economy of the town as people are employed to take part in the casting hotels and motels also see an increased number of customers and not to forget car hiring companies make huge returns. This reduce poverty level in the location by a big margin. It has also helped promote interactions between the local people and the filming team. But above all the Lovaganza filming have helped people get to learn about their past and appreciate it more as well as increase their tourist attractions.

With high-tech cameras and film producers together with a highly qualified team, the success of Lovaganza is evident. Their state of art photographies have been shown in major art galleries and are a source of income as some are sold out. Paintings done with many artisans on the photos taken during these journeys have tremendous demands.

The Lovaganza team first milestone is to ensure that the future generation of children aged between zero to fifteen years gets access to quality life, and this is cut down to some short-term goals that are to be achieved step by step to achieve a wholesome long term goal. As a non-profit foundation, Lovaganza duly depend on donations as they work to ensure that they attain their primary aim timely. With a dedicated team of personnel and a group compelled to ensure they achieve their goals.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

White Shark Media: How To Deal With Customer Complaints

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White Shark Media is a highly reliable advertising and marketing company, specializing in PPC advertising. Clients from all walks of life seek out White Shark Media due to their excellent services and top notch customer support. White Shark Media has an impressive list of successful clients, including small business owners, medium-sized businesses, professionals and marketers.

Resolving complaints can be done effectively but you need to take appropriate steps to ensure the best possible outcome.

No one likes being confronted by difficult customers or irate clients. But how do you deal with the situation if one of your customers lodges a complaint or is being rude? Customers and clients are bound to lodge a complaint again your business one day, so it is extremely important to be prepared for how to handle it.

White Shark Media Complaints team had these types of issues to deal with when it first began in business. No matter how streamlined your operation, there will always be someone who is not completely satisfied with the service provided to them.

Avoid challenging the customer’s complaint as that will make things worse. It’s easy and natural to want to find fault or blame a customer for the situation. However, this is not a good idea and won’t help you to diffuse a customer or client from getting more upset.

Instead of challenging the customer’s complaint, listen attentively to what they are complaining about.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Try to remain calm when handling a complaint, even if the customer or client becomes irate or confrontational. It is a good idea to seek ways to resolve complaints as quickly as possible. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

Also, White Shark Media advises its staff to keep comprehensive records of all client or customer complaints. This record should be kept from the initial problem to the final solution.

White Shark Media has established guidelines and successful strategies on how to handle customer complaints. The company has trained its staff on how to effectively address customer complaints and deal with matters so that all parties involved are happy with the resolution. Their numerous customers and clients around the world are always raving about the outstanding service they receive.

If you want to learn more about the various advertising services offered by White Shark Media, or how they can help you deal with your marketing and promotions, get in touch with them at their website.

Securus just made visitation easier

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Prison is a scary place to be, but many prisoners are working to rehabilitate themselves for a brighter future. These prisoners deserve the opportunity to pull themselves out of a terrible situation. Every prisoner also deserves the opportunity to see their loved ones on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many families live hundreds of miles from the prison and cannot visit their incarcerated loved one on a regular basis. Securus technology is working to make visitation just a little easier for everyone.
Securus technology is the top company in the prison communication field. For years, they have made phone calls from prison possible. They are constantly trying to innovate solutions for prisons that will make life easier for prison officials and prisoners. Recently PR Newswire reports, the rolled out a new visitation app that is going to change prison for the better.

Video chat has been a reality for normal Americans for almost a decade. Skype, Facebook video chat, and Google Hangouts allow people to see each other, even when they are incredible distances apart. While this video chat technology is impressive, it has not been put to work in America’s prisons. Securus realized that video technology had not been used in prisons, and they decided to develop their own video visitation app.

Securus’ new video visitation app will open new opportunities for families around the country. The video app is extremely easy to use and allows people to visit from anywhere. First, you must schedule a visitation by visiting Securus’ site and using your log-in to schedule your meeting. When your meeting time occurs, you simply open the video visitation app and make sure that you a great wi-fi signal. From this point family members can enjoy a wonderful visit with their incarcerated loved one. The system has already been installed in several prisons, and it is receiving rave reviews from prisoners and their families.

Prison officials are huge fans of the new video visitation app for several key reasons. The app requires very little infrastructure from the prison. All you need is a working tablet and a wi-fi connection. Most prisons already have the infrastructure they need for the app. The app also reduces stress on prison visitation areas, so prisons are not required to hire as many staff members.

Visitation just got a lot easier thanks to Securus. This new prison visitation app should open up visitation to family members around the United States. Visit BBB to get more info on Securus.



Fabletics and the Kate Hudson

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The Fabletics brand has emerged as one of the most successful brands on the market, but it is all because of the high profile connection with co-founder Kate Hudson. As an actress, Hudson has been able to get millions of fans to notice her brand. She is well connected in the industry, and all the magazines are trying to get an exclusive.

Marie Claire has been one of those magazines that has managed to get information that the fans want to know. In an exclusive interview with Kate Hudson at there has been a lot of talk about athleisure and the way that people perceive the Fabletics brand. Kate has been vocal about the fact that this brand doesn’t require Spanx and some of the outfits even come equipped with a bra.

Customers that use the brand have seen how the Kate Hudson stamp of approval is able to sell clothes. When they go to the website there are special picks from Kate. This is something that has made people pay attention to the brand. That is what has separated Kate Hudson from the rest. That is what separates the Fabletics brands from the competition. She is a hands-on businesswoman that has taken time to see the brand evolve.

People that follow the early timeline will notice that the brand was getting lots of recognition on the Internet. There were a lot of people in the United States and abroad that were ordering clothes through the site. The athletic wear that would be ideal for working out, and athleisure buzz made people discover Fabletics.

Billions of dollars will be spent on exercising, workout clothes and gym memberships. People are impressed with this brand, and Hudson will have no problem with making this brand profitable because there is a demand for workout clothing. Many people may not use their workout equipment. Many may never go to gym that they signed up for. Lots of women, however, will still use the Fabletics clothes because these garments can be used for more than working out. That is the genius of the brand. It can enhance the wardrobe because the clothes are stylish and comfortable. Even when people do not carry out their mission to hit the gym, they can still enjoy the comfort of the athleisure that this brand is providing.

Hudson has made it her mission to educate people on the brand because she knows that this is what sells it. People may take a glance at the clothes and assume that these are cookie cutter outfits. Kate Hudson, however, knows that informing people about the fabric and the style will make these outfits stand out. She’s a savvy businesswoman with a purpose. 

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