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Securus Technologies Innovates So Cases Don’t Go Cold

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Imagine the frustration of law enforcement officers when a case goes cold. Experience law enforcement officers know exactly how a criminal thinks and understand if a crime was committed by a certain person. They worked tirelessly to collect evidence against the particular criminal in order to obtain a conviction in court.


But sometimes investigations are stymied. The collection of evidence may become difficult and it looks like the criminal will get off with his crime. It is times like these that are particularly frustrating to the seasoned law enforcement officer. That’s why it is critical to innovate in the field of criminal justice in order to assist law enforcement officers while they investigate crimes.


One of the best tools that law enforcement officers have at their disposal has been innovated by a telecommunications company called Securus Technologies. You can think of Securus Technologies as a telephone company that provides telephone services to jails. It’s not exactly a company that you would like to do business with because it means that you are currently behind bars.


The company assists law enforcement officers by recording every single telephone call made into and out of a jail. As you can imagine, this creates quite a massive treasure trove of information. It would be nearly impossible to sift through all of this information, but Securus Technologies has innovated a software program that allows law enforcement officers to find a needle in a haystack.


The software program digs deep into this treasure trove of digital information. It can lock onto a particular vocal signature so that law enforcement can pull up every single phone call that a particular suspect has made. As you can imagine, there is a lot of actionable intelligence recorded on these telephone calls that allow law enforcement officers to chase down new leads.


Two Best Players in the NBA Right Now

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It’s no surprise to anybody who watches the NBA that it is all about the offense. The All-Star game usually reaches into the 160-plus point range. Even regular season games can reach into the 120s. The top two players in the NBA are both prolific scorers.


  1. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers


Ok, so this isn’t going to surprise anybody considering the best player in the NBA. As long as LBJ has been in the NBA, he has been lauded as the best player in the league. There is no reason for that to change this year either. Sure, he isn’t leading the league in scoring this year, but he is absolutely the best player in the Association.


He is averaging close to 26 points per game, but he is also passing the ball to his teammates. LeBron is known for his aggressive style of play, both on offense and defense.


  1. Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder


Russell Westbrook is an absolute STUD this year. Averaging a triple-double this season, he has legitimately made himself into a bigger super star than his former teammate Kevin Durant. Westbrook has never looked better in his career than he does this season. It’s truly remarkable to watch him.


While Westbrook is setting records on the offensive side of the ball, his defense is pretty good as well. He is one of the best at stealing the ball in the league, which is a big part of his offense.


Westbrook and James are the top two players in the NBA this season, without a doubt.  They might not compare to the best NBA centers, but they’re pretty good in their own right.


Christopher Burch Pushes Technology and Fashion Closer Together

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A recent article by Chris Burch, describes how technology and fashion feed off one another. He claims technology becomes fashionable, and vice versa. He uses devices like the Walkman and how they were fashionable to carry around in the 90s or how boom boxes were fashionable in the 70s.


He states that currently fashion designers are using the newest technology to make new fashion designs, because technology is so important, and this is what people want. Together the two bring a higher standard to innovation. He mentions Anouk Wipprecht, a designer who designed a drink-making dress.


Another designer, Terese Alstin made a system to protect bikers from injury by wearing a device around their necks that would pop open to prevent their heads from impact in an accident. When it is not open, it allows for a clearer view of the surroundings than a helmet does. He points to the fact that movement can become energy, so new clothing can harness this kinetic energy to power watches, mp3 players and more.

Burch stresses that fashion and technology can grow together and help with each other’s development. The benefits of one can be used to enhance the other. Technology can help create beautiful fashions that are also functional.


Christopher Burch is the head of Burch Creative Capital. The company invests in innovative projects that use imagination and creativity, leading to disruptive brands that change the world. Burch has been involved in the development of over 50 companies over the years. He has used his keen understanding of consumer behavior to build many successful innovations,


Some of his most recent projects include the introduction of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and Voss Water and others. Burch Creative Capital is also supporting the development of lifestyle products from retail, apparel and home products. Some of these include BaubleBar, Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods and Chubbies.


It is claimed that Burch became a billionaire in 2012, because of the increase in the value of his majority stake in C. Wonder. Burch has three daughters with his first wife. He married fashion designer Tory Robinson in 1996. They have three sons.



Sujit Choudhry’s Role on Comparative Constitutional Law

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The comparative constitutional law has grown tremendously in the past 20 years. Increased advocacy for democracy among nations, concrete human rights laws, and the proximity of the field among the major figures in governments such as judges and politicians are some of the factors that have contributed to its growth and maturity.


This particular field has been instrumental in creating constitutional laws for most autocratic countries. The leading international personalities in this particular realm, for instance, Sujit Choudhry have researched and written new ideas and concepts on comparative constitutional law, thereby assisting nations struggling with democracy, ethnicity, secession, federalism, and decentralization move from one form of government to the next.

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Sujit in particular, holds law degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He has served as a professor in distinctive Law Faculties at several universities before joining UC Berkeley as a professor of Law. Sujit founded the world’s first university-based Center for Constitutional Transitions. The sole purpose of this organization is to generate and mobilize knowledge that supports the building of stable constitutions, by harnessing international expertise to research projects that offer better policy options to practitioners.  Source:


Sujit’s works are internationally recognized, and for this reason, he has had opportunities to work on different constitutional making and review bodies in various regions of the world. He has worked with the UN Mediation body, he has been a consultant to the World Bank, and has been a foreign expert on various constitutional transitions in different African and Asian countries, for instance Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt.


Sujit Choudhry’s scholarly publications are significant. He has written peer-reviewed journals, books, articles, and reports on comparative constitutional law, some of which are being referenced by other authors. He is also an editorial member to some of the renowned Law publishing bodies as well as international Law bodies were his expertise is highly appreciated.

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Why You Should Try White Shark Media For SEM

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There’s a lot of facets to online marketing not least of which is using search engine marketing (SEM) in addition to SEO. SEM is all about how much you’re willing to invest to use for the right keywords that will get your business listed at the top of Google or Bing paid search lists, and the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. You don’t want to just ignore SEM or be happy with simply coming in second or third in a highly competitive advertising environment, you need your business listed at the very top and that’s what White Shark Media can help you do.


White Shark Media is not just like any company out there that claims to be an advertising agency, they hire people that are highly trained in the Google and Bing systems. They have a senior advisor team that records the signup process from start to finish to help make sure everyone managing your Google or Bing ad campaigns are in tune with your needs and can deliver upon their promise. White Shark Media has adhered to strict requirements put forth by Google and Microsoft to earn recognition as a Google Small Business Partner, and an authorized Bing Ad redistributor.


White Shark Media wants to give you as much of an inside look at their system before you decide to hire them, so they offer free evaluations for PPC and SEM campaigns. It’s fairly easy to signup for the free evaluation. You simply go to and fill out the contact information under the evaluation form, and not too long after a sales representative will contact you to schedule a time for the evaluation at They’ll show you how they would build better campaigns without actually touching your current campaigns. If you don’t like what you see with White Shark Media you’re under no obligation to hire them, but most people are impressed and eager to hire them right away. It’s worth considering if you feel your ad presence can be better.


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The Diverse Professional Healthcare Career of Scott Rocklage

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Dr. Scott Rocklage is a professional businessman with a Healthcare Management career spanning decades. During his career he has worked for a variety of companies, primarily with a focus on investment and technological development in the life sciences. He has held strategic leadership roles which have led to the FDA approval of the US drug applications Cubicin, Omniscan and Teslascan. He has also entered six new drug candidates into clinical trials, has invented or co-invented 30 different US patents and has contributed to over a hundred peer-reviewed publications.


Dr. Rocklage began his formal education at the University of California Berkeley, getting his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and going on to acquire his PhD in Chemistry at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since then he has held various research and development positions at the companies Salutar and Catalytica. He has also been Director, Chairman or Executive Manager for a wide variety of other companies, which include Cidara Therapeutics, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, IIypsa, Relypsa, EnterMed, Miikana, Novira Therapeutics, Nycomed Interventional and Nycomed Salutar. Currently Dr. Rocklage serves as Board Chairman of Semprus, Achaogen and Relypsa in addition to Whitehead Institute, Pulmatrix and WaveRx.


In 2003 he joined 5AM Venture Management as a venture partner a year after the company was founded in 2002, then becoming a managing partner in 2004. This company, based at 2200 Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, California, is a venture capital firm which builds and funds new life science companies that conduct research into high-tech applications in science and medicine. These companies develop new approaches to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a variety of medical ailments and have provided jobs to scientists and business executives furthering the research into making improvements within the medical field.


Scott Rocklage has taken a leading role in the implementation of new and upcoming approaches to modern healthcare issues. His extensive experience has been an important contribution to healthcare. The several decades he has worked to implement cutting-edge technology towards improving medical procedures and drug administration have helped pave the way for continued research and development in these important industries in the future.




Norman Pattiz Discusses His Success in Radio with IdeaMensch

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With more than forty years in radio syndication, Norman Pattiz is a veteran of the broadcasting industry. The media world has been swept up in radical change, but for Pattiz, the fundamentals have remained the same. The founder of Westwood One, a radio syndication service that provided programming to and syndicated events from NBC, CBS, CNN, MBC, pro sports, and the Olympics. After retiring from Westwood One, Pattiz was inspired to become an entrepreneur once more and founded a new company called Podcast One, the world’s top podcast syndication service.


One interesting point that comes up in the interview is how he brings ideas to life. According to Pattiz, implementation is the main criteria. He weighs the idea and considers how feasible implementing it would be in what amounts to a cost-benefit analysis. Pattiz is excited about the democracy that the Internet has brought to content consumption and views the online world as a constant source of new ideas.


The broadcasting giant has no regrets about his professional life and adds that he has never had a job that he did not enjoy. When asked about how aspiring entrepreneurs can keep up with their industries, Pattiz points out that he used to recommend business people read trade publications, but with the growth of the Internet, the equivalent online content that is out there is less dependable since its put out by self-appointed experts.


Pattiz has had a long career in broadcasting spanning four decades. In addition to his work in the private sector, he has had a distinguished career in public service. During the 2000s, he served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the agency that oversees Voice of America and other international programming broadcast by the federal government. In this capacity, Patiz launched the current Arabic-language broadcasting program that provides programming to the entire Middle East region. In addition, Pattiz sits on the Board of Regents of the University of California and on the Pacific Council on International Relations.


Norman Pattiz is also a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame and has been recognized by the Library of American Broadcasting as one of the founding fathers of the medium.





Cotemar Mexico: The Best In Its Industry

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There is plenty of untapped potential in Mexico, which makes it a country full of economic gains. Among the few established companies in the country is Cotemar S.A de C.V, an award winning company in the service industry. Being the first in its industry, Cotemar has worked hard emphasizing on sustainability and their clients end employees in order to remain untouchable. One of the strategies the company uses is diversification of their products and services.



Cotemar sees to it that the offshore sites are in great shape and operational at all times. The company makes sure that the offshores are highly maintained and run smoothly. Moreover the company also provides transport services to their clients. With fashionable and customized vessels the company is able to give their clients tours in their rigs that serve as the company’s recreational facilities where they can dine and have a holiday. Moreover, the company has hired qualified staff that see to it that clients are well treated in their suits and laundry services availed to them.



For many employees, working at Cotemor has been a great pleasure and honour. The employees share their sentiments by adding that the company sees to their needs, preferences and they are genuinely interested in their career growth and development. The company makes sure that they have a great time at the organization. Training is also arranged so that they can advance their knowledge in matters pertaining new equipment and the various changes in the industry.



Besides their services and their commitment to their clients and employees, Cotemor is fully dedicated to their values and ethics. The company emphasizes the need to maintain a friendly, yet professional working environment. Employees receive training on how to handle clients and their complaints. These values are also extended to the employees relate to each other and also to their superiors. Respect is encouraged throughout the levels of management. So far, this has fostered good working relations with the employees.



In addition, Cotemor pays close attention to their technology and the impact of their services and product to the environment and also the people surrounding the company. They therefore have a pool of professionals that see to it that the company adopts ways that are environmental friendly and those that encourage protection of the environment. Also the company engages in various activities that help students and professionals in the industry in various careers.




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The real estate properties in the Middle East have beautiful designs and sophistication that other countries can emulate. If you have checked out the real estate industry in this region, one of the names responsible for such scenic beauty is Hussain Sajwani. He is the founder and owner of DAMAC Properties; one of largest market leaders in this industry in the Middle East. He began the company in 2002 and it is currently headquartered at Dubai. When you look further into this great man, you will find that he has worked with great people among them, President Donald Trump. Trump’s real estate company; Trump Organization, has closely worked with DAMAC Properties. For instance, in the development and construction of the Trump International Golf Course in Dubai.

Under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC has managed to developed many properties of high quality, unique designs and prestige all over the Middle East. One of the reasons for this great success is the hardworking and vigorous nature of Hussain Sajwani, who does not let anything come between him and his business. He is also easy to interact with which has earned him some very powerful friends. He is a support of the government affairs. For example, during the Ramadhan charity initiative by the government of the United Arab Emirates, he was one of the major contributors. He also donates to charity under his organization. He has facilitated DAMAC Properties in setting up the DAMAC Maison; a section to provide housing facilities to the less fortunate.

One of the challenges that Hussain Sajwani is facing is the uncertainty surrounding the business-political conflict of interest in Trump’s presidential victory. As president, Trump is required to step aside from his businesses. This may affect the operation of Trump Organization to which Hussain Sajwani has direct affiliations. However, Hussain Sajwani is not afraid. If Trump leaves business, his children Ivanka, Eric and Donald will take over. Hussain Sajwani has interacted with Trump’s family and has seen his children represent their father’s businesses in many forums both local and international. He feels that his organization will continue working with President Trump, through his children. Now, that’s what we call confidence.

Balancing Work and Family Life: 11 Great Tips From Susan McGalla

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Ways To Attain Life Balance With Advice From Susan McGalla

  1. Scheduling Downtime

Set aside time to chill and relax, go to the beach, read, or enjoy a cup of tea.


  1. Put Draining People And Activities Down The Drain

Leave those draining people or activities by the wayside. Life is short and nobody has time or energy to spend it on things or people that don’t make them happier or encourage positive growth.


  1. Find Time To Be Tranquil

Everyone deserves some serenity, so don’t be afraid to fill up the bubble bath! You deserve it, and some stress relief can ready the body for what’s next.


  1. Exercise

Getting exercise in an increase the body’s stamina and physical ability to handle life. Life requires a fit body, and getting exercise can burn off stress as well as strengthen the body to handle life’s challenges more efficiently.


  1. Streamline Your To-Do List

Take a look at the to do list and really clock your errands to see how much time you spend doing one thing. Is there a way one of these tasks can be done as a pick up or delivery service?


  1. Nobody’s Perfect

Realizing that nobody is perfect and everyone has their flaws can take a huge burden and stressor off the chest. Stop stressing about doing everything right, because it’s okay to be wrong, and there is no such thing as normal.


  1. Unplug

Technology has become an increasingly omnipresent force in modern life. Though it is great and improving many aspects of daily life, looking at the blue screen all day can be distracting from family time. Once a week, unplug and set aside family game time, story time, or just go and take a walk away from the laptop of smart phone.


  1. Try To Find Your Zen

Meditation can be a great way to find balance and inner peace in a chaotic lifestyle. It can quiet the busy mind allowing the clear thoughts to come through. Centering oneself with yoga and/or guided meditation calms the body, mind and nerves.


  1. Review Your Lifestyle

Take an honest look at your life and consider if there might be something leaving out completely. It is important to do these assessments once in a while to weed out what isn’t working because it may be draining your energy. Kicking out the bad stuff can make way for more of the good.


  1. Keep It Calm In The Morning

Cluttered chaos can cause confusion and delay. The morning is the segment of time that sets the tone for the entire day. Try to keep the mornings calm, organized and quiet to keep steady focus through the day.

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This advice comes from a busy mom, Susan McGalla. Her daily routine had to be adjusted in many of these same ways while balancing her children and her position as Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle and then as President of the company. Susan McGalla is currently working as The Director Of Strategic Planning And Growth at The Pittsburgh Steelers.



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