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Falcons Need to Build a Defense in the Off Season

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When the Atlanta Falcons lost their chance to advance to the playoffs by being embarrassed at home in the last game of the season it spelled the end for their coaching staff. Now with Dan Quinn as their new head coach, the team will look to put the franchise back on top. Even though the team has Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Roddy White, they still need a defense to succeed. Fans like Lee Slaughter know that at every level of the defense, the team needs to build long term players and there is no better place than in this year’s draft, and with the Falcons finishing with a 6-10 record, this moved them into the eighth overall pick.

Most critics believe the team will start with a pass rusher, but if they are smart they will avoid the big name school players and look for someone off the radar somewhere like Troy University that produced dominant pass rushers like Demarcus Ware. Next they will need to beef up their secondary, to give their pass rushers enough time to hunt down a Drew Brees or Cam Newton. Should they decide to use their top pick in the defensive backs area then they will probably be looking at Marcus Peters or maybe even Trae Waynes. Of course the team still needs to find a franchise tight end as the check down option for Ryan when Jones and White are covered up.

Soul Surfer Announces Her Pregnancy

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Bethany Hamilton and her husband Adam Dirks have announced on their social media pages that Bethany is 22 weeks pregnant and since my friend Gianfrancesco Genoso is friends with them on Facebook, I got to see too! Many may remember Bethany as the 13-year-old girl in 2003 who had her arm bitten off by a shark while she was surfing. There was even a movie made about the incident and her life called “Soul Surfer” which was based on her book of the same name. Well, Bethany has persevered to lead a normal life since then.

After losing her arm, Bethany got back into surfing a few years later in 2006. In 2007 she began to compete in surfing contests. In 2010 she was rated as the twentieth best female surfer in the world. Bethany still surfs and is also a motivational speaker. Daily Mail has their video announcement of the pregnancy.

I feel like Bethany’s story is one of inspiration to many people. No matter what you may face in life you can always get back up and be the best you can. After watching Bethany and her husband Adam compete on this year’s reality show Amazing Race it is easy to say what a sweet couple they seem to be together. Hopefully the rest of her pregnancy goes as smooth and they welcome a healthy baby home to them in June!

49ers Want to Emulate Seahawks

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The San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks have developed an intense rivalry and it is blatantly clear that they absolutely hate each other. It doesn’t help the situation any that they are divisional rivals that are consistently competing for the top spot in the NFC West, and play each other at least two times a season. Over the last several years they have been playing three times, as they usually wind up facing each other in the playoffs. Fans like Susan McGalla (Forbes) know that the 49ers have come out on the losing end of things recently and they have spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to beat the Seattle Seahawks. Now that they are in the off-season of a truly dismal year, they are now trying to play like the Seattle Seahawks and utilize the strategies that they bring to the field each and every game. The Seahawks are very strategic with their weapons and are one of the most efficient teams in the country and possess one of the most intelligent coaches of all time, although he just messed up horribly on that pass play resulting in an interception in the Super Bowl that cost the team back to back Super Bowl titles. The 49ers believe that they have a more talented squad and they are spending immense amounts of time recently trying to figure out ways to emulate the success that the Seahawks have experienced since Pete Carroll became the head coach.

Curry on Fire

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Stephen Curry is hands down one of the best shooters of all time in the league, but what did last night truly shows just how amazing and clutch of a player he truly is. The Dallas Mavericks went up big on the Warriors in the first quarter and the Warriors found themselves in a precarious and unfamiliar situation, down 26-4 in the first few minutes of the game. First Klay Thompson hit a quick three pointer and then Stephen Curry hit a pull up three. It was clear at that point that Golden State was going to shoot their way out of it, and who better to do it than the splash brothers? Curry has another gear when his team gets down by a large margin. It is almost as if he feels like he has to will himself on the game, and there’s no one better in the National Basketball Association that can do it like Curry does. Fans like Lee Slaughter watched as he hit an incredible twenty-six points in the third quarter and was just dropping shot after shot from beyond the arc. The remarkable thing is how confident he appears every time he pulls up for a shot. A lot of the time when he shoots from the corner, he will release the ball and turn around and start running back down the court without checking if the shot went it, because he already knew he made it when he released it. He finished with fifty-one points.

Rondo Takes Knee to Face

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Rajon Rondo has had quite a tough year thus far in the National Basketball Association. He was traded from the team that drafted him and had made him the player of their franchise and has had to find a new hope in Dallas. Furthermore, his contract is up at the end of the season and he may be headed to yet another city and another team once this season wraps up. He is in a contract year and is likely going to get a max contract, which is good for Rondo, but this year has definitely been difficult for the big time assist man. He has put up pretty good numbers this year, but they have not been what he could produce in Boston. He is consistently helping the Mavericks, however, and they look to be a team that can make a run in the playoffs when late April rolls around. Rondo has been taking some shots on and off the court this season, but none were as hard of a shot, then he took last night from the knee of Richard Jefferson. Fans like Zeca Oliveira watched when Rondo fell down and Jefferson was turning around to run the court and caught Rondo right in the face with the sharp part of his knee. Watching it back on replay he truly caught the brunt of his knee and his head snapped way back. Jefferson is not the type of player you want to knee you in the face, but Rondo looks alright.

Sixers Keep Losing

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The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers were widely considered the worst team to ever be put together at the beginning of the season. They did not disappoint the people that projected them to be this terrible of a team, but they were overshadowed in the first half of the season, as the New York Knicks proceeded to drop nearly every single game they played and only won five games in the first forty-one. The Knicks have completely turned things around unexpectedly and have won the last five out of seven games and are truly shocking people around the league and it has left the lowly Seventy-Sixers back in the dismal state that they have been resting at throughout the season. They went up against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night, who have won their last games and are shocking everyone around the league in their own right, and they proceeded to drop the game in big fashion as was expected. They rolled into Cleveland and proceeded to get beat down in four straight quarters and lost the game by thirteen points. Fans at Slow Ventures agree that things need to change in Philadelphia and it needs to start with the roster. They have some decent defenders, but those players cannot put up points and they simply cannot compete with any good teams in the NBA this year. Sure, they may have won some games against some lowly teams in the East, but that is not going to bring them any success.

Surfing Pioneer

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According to my friend Marc Sparks and WikipediaJeff Clark is hands down one of the biggest pioneers of his sport and may very well be one of the most daring people that has ever been a part of extreme sports. Jeff Clark is a professional surfer that is older now, but he did some truly amazing things earlier on in his life. He was the first surfer to charge the big wave Mavericks in Northern California and rode the wave along for fifteen years. The waves at Mavericks are some of the biggest in the world, and when they break in Half Moon Bay, they register on a seismograph in Berkeley. That is how intense the wave is and how much pressure comes beating down on you if you mess up. He paddled out to that wave solo, because no one would go with him and he did not wipe out on his first wave and lived to tell about it. The funny thing is he didn’t try to keep it a secret. Instead, he pleaded with people to paddle out with him for fifteen years before two brave souls from Santa Cruz paddled out with him and went back to Santa Cruz with tales of these giant Hawaii sized waves in California. The next time it broke there was a full camera crew and twelve surfers and the rest is history. The waves at Mavericks can get up to nearly 100 feet tall, which is the size of a ten story building and they probably carry more weight.

We Know Why He Is Here

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Marshawn Lynch is now telling everyone that they know why he is here. This is one the things that has taken over the Super Bowl as people in the media try to force Marshawn Lynch to talk to them. There are many things that people could be doing to help break some stories at the Super Bowl or get some interesting information, but they should not be going to Lynch for sound.

When people are chasing around Lynch hoping that he will be the person to talk to them, they are simply making the situation even more ridiculous.Fans like Dave and Brit Morin agree that if he does not want to talk, he should not have to talk. That is the end of that discussion. However, we have become obsessed with a guy who simply does not like talking to the media. At least he is polite about it, but he should not have all these people following him around all the time.

Lynch seems like a good guy, but it is time to leave him alone. He needs a chance to get ready for the game, and he would prefer to not be bothered. If you want to hear him talk at length, watch the Skittles commercial.

Floyd Mayweather Refuses Pacquiao Fight

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The world has been waiting for Manny Pacquiao to face Floyd Mayweather. It actually almost came to fruition, but Floyd Mayweather refuses to sign the contract. Pacquiao agreed to all of the terms that Mayweather presented, but Mayweather still refuses to sign the dotted line. Floyd has announced that he will be fighting on May 2, but it will not be Manny Pacquiao.

Boxing fans all over the world are angered beyong belief. This last month, Manny Pacquiao has been openly challenging Mayweather to a fight. Pacquiao has done everything possible, but Mayweather still hasn’t agreed to a fight. There can be only one reason that Mayweather will not fight against Pacquiao. Floyd Mayweather knows that he could potentially lose against Manny.

Fans of Floyd Mayweather, like Dave and Brit Morin, can make all of the excuses that they want. Read more about them on Their fighter refuses to fight Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather blames the failed negotiations on Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum. Manny Pacquiao openly stated that Bob Arum has nothing to do with Mayweather’s refusal of the fight. How long can Mayweather avoid Manny Pacquaio? The world of boxing can no longer refer to Mayweather as the pound for pound king.

Manny Pacquiao is the true pound for pound champion. He has defeated his last three opponents with ease, and they were all high level fighters. Floyd Mayweather will never fight Manny Pacquiao, and we must accept that Mayweather is not the greatest fighter of our era.

For more information on Floyd Mayweather’s excuses, visit this Yahoo! Sports, Sponsored Site.

Gasol All Stars

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Marc is the Gasol brother that has been consistently overshadowed by his older brother Pau, who has won two NBA titles with the Los Angeles Lakers and is currently a five time All Star that commands tremendous respect around the league. Marc has been an amazing player in his own right, although he has played for teams that have failed to gain the type of prominence that Pau has experienced. Fans like Bernardo Chua watched as Marc busted out of his shell this year, and has been amidst discussions of the most valuable player race dating back to the beginning of the season. More about Chua is available on Although he has dropped off that race a bit, as Stephen Curry has absolutely exploded in Golden State and will likely take that tile at the end of the season, Gasol has put on a show that has taken him to the starting spot on the All Star roster. He is finally getting the recognition that he deserves and the two brothers could not be happier about the fact that they will both be starting and actually playing against each other in the All Star game. It gives a ton of validity to the play that Marc has been throwing down for the last half a decade and Marc is ecstatic not only with making the team but with how his team has been playing this season. The Grizzlies have been playing phenomenal basketball and will absolutely be in the hunt once the playoffs roll around.

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