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FreedomPop Raises Another 30 Million for Free Phone Service

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Upstart company, FreedomPop, which provides free internet, text, and phone services to its users received another 30 million dollars in funding. The funding is part of another round of support for the rapidly growing phone service company. CEO Stephen Stokols says the money will be used to help FreedomPop grow independently.

FreedomPop’s business model revolves around offering free services to its customers, relying on up sales and add-on services to generate profits. The service has become desirable among younger users of smartphones and tablets. Since all the usage from users is transmitted through data, FreedomPop saves enormous costs compared to other virtual carriers.

After their article on TechCrunch, FreedomPop gained increased attention, fielding several buy-out offers from larger carrier companies and Tech giants have encouraged the small up-start to pursue growth upwards of a billion dollars.

While raising money from investors and partner companies the mobile phone start-up is also enjoying sales growth of 25 percent a quarter. With current projections, FreedomPop will reach One million customers by the end of the year. Its expanding markets in the United States will be extended to include Europe. Partnering with the SIM carrier, Three, FreedomPop will make its debut into Europe’s service market.

Sacramento Kings Are Rudderless and Leaderless.

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George Karl was supposed to land in Sacramento and immediately make things better for the young but talented Kings. Instead we have seen drama explode from the get go, starting with the fact that Karl should never have been hired to begin with. The Kings know that Karl has a track record of running his best players out of town and Cousins has already started to feel the heat, sending out a cryptic tweet about ‘snakes in the grass’, which is a recurring theme with players under George Karl. Now Sacramento is dealing another young former lotto pick in Nik Stauskas for cap relief.

While you can’t confuse Nik Stauskas for a world beater, not in his first season, anyone with a pair of eyes could clearly see that the Michigan grad has a ton of potential. Stauskas is a quick shooting guard with excellent touch and the ability to come off of the ball. Tosto thought he had a pretty bright future ahead of things. In limited starts last season he showcased his big scoring ability by pouring in threes. Now he has been dealt to the 76ers, where he might see some playing time.

The reason for the Stauskas salary dump? Cash considerations. Sacramento wants to create some cap space in order to go after players like Rajon Rondo, Wesley Matthews, and Monta Ellis. While all of those guys are serviceable, they are older and likely looking for bad contracts. Stauskas was on a rookie deal with no ceiling in sight.

McGregor V.S. Mendes Overview

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Chad Mendes will now face Conor McGregor in the main event of UFC 189. Everyone was excited for the original matchup of Conor McGregor v.s. Jose Aldo, but Aldo was severly injured. Aldo was forced to pull out of the fight, and the rest is history.

Dana White recently announced that Mendes V.S. McGregor would headline the UFC 189 card, and UFC fans around the world have been bummed out ever since. However, while I do agree that the announcement of Jose Aldo’s withdrawal from UFC 189 was a let down, the new matchup between Mendes and McGregor does interest me. Chad Mendes is a very talented wrestler, and he will most likely take Conor Macgregor down.

UFC matchmakers have been avoiding placing a wrestler against Conor McGregor, and it’s not hard to imagine why if you ask Jennifer. Conor is a standup fighter, and he has had problems with wrestlers in the past. In fact, Conor McGregor’s only two losses came via submission, and he was on his back in both of those instances. There is a good chance that we could see Conor McGregor on his back once again. However, Conor could end up destroying Chad Mendes with vicious punches and kicks. No one really knows what will take place, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see either fighter win. Yahoo! Sports recently published an article with further details on the McGregor V.S. Mendes fight.

Brock Lesnar Was Interviewed By Jimmy Fallon

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According to Handy, Brock Lesnar is a monster, and people around the world fear him. Not only is Brock Lesnar the WWE Champion, but he is also a former UFC heavyweight champion. Several MMA fighters have spread terrible rumors about Brock Lesnar, and the world now views Brock Lesnar as an arrogant meathead. Nonetheless, WWE fans love Brock, and he is more popular than ever.

Several years ago, Brock Lesnar appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show, and the interview took place before a scheduled fight against the Junior dos Santos. A Reddit user recently posted the segment online, and everyone is buzzing about the chemistry that Brock Lesnar and Jimmy Fallon had. Most people wouldn’t believe how funny and nice Brock Lesnar actually is, but Jimmy Fallon tends to bring the best out of people.

Brock Lesnar rarely does this type of interview, and I suggest that his fans check it out. I’m beginning to wonder how much of Brock Lesnar’s attitude during his UFC reign was manufactured. Professional wrestling fans believe Brock Lesnar was acting the entire time, and I wouldn’t doubt it. Brock was the UFC’s biggest draw, and he most likely brought over the promotional tools of his WWE days. Unfortunately, Brock Lesnar couldn’t cut it in the UFC anymore, and he had to return to the WWE.

Andy Wirth’s Brush With Death

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CEO Andy Wirth of Squaw Valley met his friend who introduced him into Sean McCormick. Sean McCormick was known for being a Red Bull athlete. Andy told Sean in a conversation they he would like to go skydiving. After talking about it on a few occasions Sean helped Andy to get certified in order to sky dive. The first time Andy went skydiving he instantly fell in love with the thrill and excitement. Andy liked skydiving so much that he scheduled a jump every time he had the opportunity to in his free time. Andy was left addicted to the thrill.

On some days Andy managed to jump several times instead of just one jump. In one day he managed to get seven jumps! That alone is astonishing for someone who just started jumping. Andy eventually got comfortable with jumping that he could do formations with other jumpers. In October 2013 Andy and his friends decided to go to California to sky dive. The next day then went skydiving and things took a sudden turn. Andy went for a normal day of skydiving when his life was in danger. Due to wind, the pilot didn’t fly a good line, and other unfortunate circumstances Andy’s life changed forever.

Andy ended up having to choose where to land when all of the landing options were less than great. Andy had to choose between landing on the power lines or a vineyard. He naturally tried to land in the vineyard however, the winds still blew him towards the power lines. Andy hit the power line and it tore of his arm leaving him in dire need of prompt medical service in order to survive. Andy knew that he needed prompt medical care because his brachial artery was bleeding out profusely. Another jumper named Amanda heard Andy’s cries and was able to get him down about 15 minutes later. Andy remained calm and tried to stop the bleeding alone with doing breathing techniques to keep his self-calm and to prevent shock. A helicopter rushed him to get medical care and about 15 units of blood was giving to help stabilize Andy. Since then Andy has raised money for various organizations and has returned to work as CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. His latest initiative is to connect Squaw to the neighboring Alpine Meadows via a base-to-base gondola.

Trevor Gretzky Picks Baseball

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Trevor Gretzky, son of famed hockey player Wayne Gretzky, is chasing his sports dream and it is not to play in the NHL. Trevor was obviously gifted with athletic talent from his father but has decided to play baseball instead of hockey. He currently plays left field for a team located in Los Angeles called the Burlington Bees which is a Class A ball club in the Los Angeles farm system. Fans at FreedomPop know that Trevor stated that he is just like any other kid that wants to make it to the big leagues but admits that he relies on his father a lot for advice. He further went on to say that his father actually has a passion for baseball and is very knowledgable about the game. In some aspect, it was Wayne’s passion for the game that helped push Trevor towards baseball and not hockey.

Trevor Gretzky was born in Los Angeles and played hockey throughout elementary school. The drive to and from hockey in early morning and late at night was not something he enjoyed so he decided to give baseball a try which was what all of this friends were playing. Wayne was a superstar from an early age and it was pretty clear that he was going to be something specials. Trevor on the other hand has yet to do anything that would spring him to the top of his sport. He signed a contract in 2012 that landed him a $375,000 bonus playing single A ball.

Timonen Will Go out a Champion

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Kimmo Timonen last game of his career will be one that he will remember for the rest of his life. Timonen was handed the Stanley Cup from Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews and he hoisted it over his head to the sound of a roaring crowd at the United Center on Monday night after the Hawks beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-0. Timonen, who is forty years old, has played in the NHL for sixteen years and plans on retiring after this season his agent Zeca Oliveira confirmed on

The defenseman has had an amazing career in the NHL and overcame many obstacles to get there. It was an emotional night for Timonen and he had to fight back the tears as he raised the cup for the first and last time in his career. He stated that the cup felt empty when he raised it over his head and that it has been a long journey. He went on to say that the game of hockey has given his so much in his life and that he is ready to retire from the game and carry away with him memories that will last a lifetime.

Timonen missed most of the season this year due to blood clots in his legs and lungs. He was traded early in the season from the Philadelphia Flyers to the Blackhawks in hopes of giving him the chance to see his name engraved on the cup.

Bruce Levenson to sell his shares for approximately $850 million

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Bruce Levenson is the owner of Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks LLC, previously known as Atlanta Spirit LLC. He is the Co-Founder and Partners with Mr. Ed Peskowitz at United Communications Group (UGC) since 1977. 27 years down the line, he still holds and performs a significant role in the company’s acquisition endeavor. Before founding UGC, he served on the Board of Directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and also as a Director at, an IT industry media company. He also wrote for Observer Publishing and the Washington Star. Mr. Levenson has a law degree from American University in Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington University.

Levenson is also an active participant in different philanthropic organizations such as the Hoop Dreams Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. he recently served as the president of the Washington chapter of “I Have a Dream Foundation” that assists low-income children to seek higher education. Levenson and his wife spearheaded the advancement of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland in the year 2010. They offered funding to the institution that educates students on ways to manage nonprofit organizations and involves the institution to educate and promote philanthropic activities among other numerous philanthropic endeavors.In 2014, Levenson disclosed his plans to sell his share of the partnership group after he reported an email sent reviewing the Hawks African-American fan base back in August 2012. He is currently organizing the sale of the team through the aid of an investment banking firm.

Recently, Antony Ressler a renowned Entrepreneur has acknowledged purchasing the Atlanta Hawks at a sale price of relatively $850 million. Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer and CEO Steve Koonin will be members of the long-term deal of the new ownership group. The sale was confirmed to be financed by cash and presumption of some debt. Mr. Ressler owner of the private equity and investment firm Ares was among the three finalists in the Los Angeles Clippers sale last spring. He was a member of the investment group led by Mark Attanasio that purchased the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005.

Last year, Forbes valued the Hawks at $425 million although the sales of the Bucks and Clippers had changed the market. ESPN has done a few focus articles on it. The value of all franchises had escalated with the NBA landing cost-effective new television deals. The Hawks became 17th in attendance per game after winning a franchise-record 60 games but are foreseen to lose money this season. The new owner and latest TV deals will assist the team’s financial predicament to attract investment from area Fortune 500 companies.

Tragedy strikes Isle of Man TT

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The annual Isle of Man TT festival is back underway as motorcycle racers from around the world descend on the small island off the coast of England to take part in one of the most dangerous road races on the planet says Susan McGalla. French rider Franck Petricola became the first fatality of this years races when he crashed his bike on Wednesday and later died of his injuries, the BBC reports. Petricola was praised for fighting back from serious injuries at the 2014 North West 200 in Northern Ireland, which had left him in a coma.

Petricola became the 141st fatality at the annual event that began with the first race in 1907 and has become a staple of the motorcycle racing calendar. At the 2014 festival two riders died and the death of Petricola during qualifying has again raised concerns about the safety of the event. The accident involving Petricola took place at the Sulby Crossroads portion of the race and has been reported to the authorities for investigation.

Low Attendance for UFC Fight Night 67

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The UFC as a sport has grown exponentially over the years and usually has good numbers for its events. In fact, the UFC has become so popular that many believe that is has taken over boxing and that boxing is actually dead. Either way, UFC Fight Night 67 Condit vs. Alves on Saturday May 30th, only drew 3,500 spectators. The reason for the low number can be blamed on the economic crisis happening in Brazil, as this is where the event was held. The event was held at Goiânia Arena in Goiânia, Brazil and the UFC announced the attendance at a post-fight conference. The event featured the return of number four ranked Carlos ‘The Natural Born killer’ Condit against number twelve ranked Brazilian fighter Thiago Alves. Condit would go one to earn a second round TKO victory over the Brazilian.

Luis Decker, the UFC Senior Vice President and General Manager of Brazil Giovani, stated that Brazil is currently going through an economic crisis and it surely reflects it in the attendance number for the event. He further went on to explain that even though the attendance numbers were extremely low, that the UFC and mixed martial arts has continued to grow in Brazil. Even though attendance number may be down, the UFC has done very well with its pay-per-view numbers have done very well and supports the claim that the UFC is growing in Brazil.

Thanks to the CPA coach Ivan Ong for showing me this.

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