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The Positive Effect Stephen Rotella In His Community

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Stephen Rotella is now the Chairman for the National Board of LIFT. Stephen is a philanthropist as well as the President of StoneCastle Partners. Michael Gilligan previously held the position and has supported the work done by LIFT for quite some time. StoneCastle Partners feels the leadership role is passing from one incredible man to another.

Stephen Rotella has been outstanding in his role as chair for the development committee. The knowledgeable counsel he has provided LIFT has enabled them to provide even better services to parents who have small children. They are trying to find solutions to the amount of poverty in the United States. Kirsten Lodal co-founded LIFT and feels Stephen will provide a mind with strength, strategic options and thoughtfulness to their cause. She is incredibly pleased to have Stephan as both a board leader and a partner.


Stephen has a career in business that has provided him with 30 years experience. His background is predominately in operating and strategic leadership in the financial field. He has extensive experience in internet banking, asset management, retail banking, organizational development, marketing and management in large scale operations.


Stephens hard work inside of his community is extremely well known. His focus has been on helping individuals who are underprivileged. He has a passion for the arts he uses to aid his endeavors. He has served on numerous boards previously including The Seattle Foundation, BalletMet Columbus, ArtsFund and YouthCare. He is also quite active as a patron at Jazz in Lincoln Center.


Stephen believes the most gratifying feeling possible is the knowledge that your efforts has given somebody the opportunity to improve their life. He says it does not make any difference whether your particular contribution was big or small the feeling is the same. He believes in Lift because that is exactly what they have always accomplished. He is truly honored to serve LIFT and be able to partner Kirsten Lodal. She has been nationally recogniozed as a leader. He is looking forward to innovating and expanding LIFTS reach so they are able to positively affect even more lives.



Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Owner of Dental Sleep Masters

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Avi Weisfogel is the Founder and CEO of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. As a mater o fact, the company was developed to achieve sustainability in a manner that is unprecedented in this industry. For you to achieve stability, you must work to attain these capabilities in a better way. Therefore, ensure you meet with the capabilities associated with the better business to end the instability ratios associated with sleep apnea medical condition. For this reason, Avi Weisfogel has worked with the company to issue the necessary research into various medical conditions that can be treated with these issues in the area.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist based in New Jersey. When he was still in college, he had a vision that one day he would become the best dentist in the United States. For this reason, he worked hard to attain his education in the highest level of development. For this reason, he went on and attained better business management before entering the industry. When he was out of college, he commenced his practice in New Jersey. For this reason, he became one of the best dentists in the region. As time went by, he is passion slowly crept into the un-researched sleep apnea medical condition. For this reason, he was given the main reason to make better business through sustainability and development. For this reason, people work to attain better management capabilities in a manner that is not depicted in the industry.

Because of his new passion in his field, he began his charitable work to develop the high-end solutions through dental research. He developed more than 100 therapies associated with the sleep apnea medical condition. For this reason, he went on and attained better business management in a way that is not matched in the industry. He has been active in this industry to get recognition by the American Doctors Association of Medicine. For this reason, he wanted to have more dentists and other medical doctors to get more knowledge in the development and application of dental sleep medicine therapies to patients. In this case, he is a better manager in this era.



Sujit Choudhry Proves to be Extensively Knowledgeable on Comparative Law

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Comparative law entails studying the similarities and differences between the existing laws in varying nations. This field of law specifically studies different legal systems in the globe including Hindu law, socialist law, common law, canon law, Jewish law, Islamic law and Chinese law. In the present age, the essence of comparative law has heightened in a bid to deal with various complexities facing the world such as democratization, economic globalization and internationalism.


Comparative law is subdivided into several branches. Some of these branches include comparative civil law, comparative constitutional law, comparative administrative law, comparative commercial law, and comparative criminal law.  See Studies of these branches can be viewed as either macro or micro –comparative legal analysis.


Sujit Choudhry


Sujit Choudhry has established himself as an authority on comparative constitutional law. Currently, he serves as professor of law at I. Michael Heyman. In fact, his research addresses a broad range of issues relating to comparative law. Some of the main issues in his research include federalism, semi-presidentialism, decentralization and secession, minority and group rights, constitutional courts among many others. Additionally, Sujit Choudhry combines his extensive field experience as an advisor to constitution building processes with a broad-ranging research agenda. He has applied this level of expertise in several countries like Ukraine, Egypt, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Jordan, Libya and Ukraine.  See related articles on this link.


Sujit Chaudhry is behind the writing as well as publication of more than working papers, book chapters and reports. He is a member of Board of Directors of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law; sand the Editorial Advisory Board for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional law among others. Aside from his membership in other bodies, he is recognized as the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This organization is responsible for not only generating but also mobilizing knowledge in a bid to support constitution building.

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Atlanta Hawks Basketball And Entertainment Sues AIG

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The former NBA Franchise ownership group, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), is suing New Hampshire Insurance Company (AIG). The civil action is for breach of contract that involved Danny Ferry’s settlement claims. Danny is the former general manager of the franchise.

The lawsuit demands an additional penalty of 50% on unpaid loss, including attorney’s fees and all costs. AHBE, the former Hawks ownership group that included Bruce Levenson, filed the lawsuit on Sept. 13 2016 in Fulton County’s Superior Court. The group claimed that it was insured against employment practices related losses, which included acts of “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination.” The court documents revealed that the group had given AIG the notice on April 2, 2015, indicating that claims established by Danny Ferry were covered.

Ferry and the current Hawks ownership ended the 6-year contract in June 22, 2015. This was after reaching a buyout agreement that was not disclosed. The court documents state that the insurance company failed to recognize the claim made and refused to accept that the policy was triggered. It went on to contend that AIG did not participate in defending the claims leveled against them. The lawsuit claimed that AIG failed to make payments for the covered losses. The spokesperson for the Hawks ownership said that they knew about the complaint and indicated that the main parties involved were not affiliated with the Atlanta Hawks organization. This information was originally mentioned on as outlined in the link below

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a Forbes billionaire, an alumnus of both Washington University and American University. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Arts and a J.D respectively. Bruce owns Atlanta Spirit LLC. In 1997, Ed Peskowitz and Bruce founded United Commissions Group (UCG). Mr. Levenson was a writer for Washington Star and a Director of TechTarget. In addition, he sat on the board of directors of the Electronic Publishers Association and the Newsletter. Levenson has participated in several philanthropic activities including “I Have A Dream,” where he was the President.

This information was originally published on Bloomberg as explained in the following link

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Why Equities First AU May Be What You Need To Get Your Business Started

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Perhaps some of the hardest times often call for needing to obtain a loan. However, it is important for people to know that obtaining a loan doesn’t necessarily always mean that someone has fallen on “hard times”. Oftentimes, people will obtain loans for starting businesses, to go on vacations, and even to save it for a “rainy day”. If you are wanting to obtain a loan at an extremely low cost in pertinence to interest rates, then please do not hesitate to contact Equities First AU to see what deals are available for you today. They offer some of the best loans with the lowest and most competitive interest rates available today. You should know that you may be able to obtain a loan through them for just about anything.

Equities First Holdings is a great solution for businesses who are wanting to obtain a loan. Whichever kind of business you are wanting to start, you may be able to receive a loan that is going to help you in the long run. If you need to buy assets for your business, pay employees, or other operations costs, then you may benefit from know that Equities First AU offers their loans with no judgment. They will ask you some simple questions to get an idea of what types of interest rates you may be paying, as well as how long they think it may take you to pay off your loan. Aside from that, you will be on your way with capital in a very quick manner.

High net-worth individuals are also able to benefit from Equities First Holdings. They offer non-purpose loans to high net-worth individuals so that they can do whatever it is that they wanted with the extra money that they may not have even really needed in the first place. However, Equities First Holdings is a non-judgmental lending organization.


Women’s Revolutionary Hair Care System

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Are you tired of droopy, dry and dull looking hair? Well rejuvenate your follicles with Wen hair by Chaz Dean. It comes in three deliciously divine scents- sweet almond mint, lavender and pomegranate- that will have all your girlfriends red with envy. Wen’s exclusive cleansing conditioner replaces your leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, shampoo, detangler and regular conditioner. This hair care product is lather free.

Do you like sculpted up dos but hate the sticky mess that comes with it? All of the spritz and hair gel leaves your hair feeling dry and a hard mess and you need a hammer and chisel to get it down. Then you find yourself in the shower or sink surrounded by loads of water and a icky mess of broken hair and your hair is in a tangled mess atop you head. Well no more! Use Wen’s unique styling mousse to give your hair a little touchable volume and hold. There will be no frizz and hair will be light as a feather. The sweet almond mint anti-frizz styling crème provides more shine, moisture and body during the styling process. Also, your hair will continue to get stronger with each use because there will be less breakage. The sweet almond oil is designed to give your hair an intensive moisture treatment. It will also smooth and soften your hair. If you would like to improve the health and manageability of your locks, try Wen by Chaz Dean.
Wen hair care products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online via

For more hair care tips, follow Wen on Twitter.

A more detailed info on the Wen company can be found on Crunchbase.

Roberto Santiago Great Work in Art and Literature

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Roberto Santiago was born in Madrid in 1968. He studied Image and Sound at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Literary Creation at the School of Letters of Madrid. He has been a screenwriter for television, editor for advertising agencies in Madrid, producer of video clips and has published several novels. Among others, the collection Los Futbolísimos , a publishing phenomenon that has become one of the collections of children ‘s books selling in recent years, and has been translated into several languages. Roberto Santiago’s first novel, The Thief of lies, was shortlisted for the prize steamboat. And he won the Edebé Children’s Literature Award with Jon and fear machine. He has recently started the saga Outsiders time.

Roberto Santiago has written and directed, among other films The Longest Penalty Shot in the World (nominated for the Goya for Best Screenplay), The Suicide Club (based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson), the end of the road (shot entirely in the way of St. James), the international coproduction Ivan’s dream (sponsored by Unicef for its values for children), or independent horror comedy Harvest (award for best film at the Festival of Terror Oregon). His short Roulette on participated in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, it has collaborated like director and scriptwriter in several series of television.

In theater Roberto Santiago has written adaptations of Eight Basque surnames and The Other Side of the Bed (Telón Prize to the Author Revelation). Just as the original texts Share 38 (Enrique Llovet Prize), Naked (second prize Sgae Award), the happiness of women, Topos, The Moon Lady Chatterley or be adolescent 2055. Screenwriter of several humor programs in Televisión Española, he has published several novels, for which he has won several awards on, among which the Edebé Prize for Children’s Literature stands out. He has been a director of advertising and video clips. In 1999 he directed the short film Ruleta, which participates in the Official Section of the Cannes Film Festival. In 2000 Roberto Santiago wrote and directed his first play, Share 38, Enrique Llovet Award for Best Theatrical Text of 1999. In 2001 he made his big screen debut with the direction of the feature film Happy Men (2001). The longest penalty in the world is his second feature.

As a novelist has published several youth and children ‘s books, among which “The Protectors” (Award steamboat 2016) Jon and machine Fear ( Edebé Prize for Children ‘s Literature 1999), 4 the collection of The World According Claudio (International Award Formats 2000), the thief of lies (Editorial SM), or the latest Ivan’s dream (Editorial SM, 2011), Alexandra and seven tests (Editorial Edebé, 2012), and “Under Fire Of the bullets I will think of you “(Edebé), and the collection” The Outsiders of Time “(Editorial SM). His collection of football and intrigue novels The Futbolísimos (SM) has become a publishing phenomenon, one of the collections of best – selling children’s literature in Spain in recent years. It has been translated into several languages.

How Comparative Law Expert Sujit Choudry Helps Nations In Transition Manage Their Constitutions

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Legal systems are the complex, seemingly invisible structures that govern so many interlocking parts of our lives. They are comprised of a wide variety of specific laws. These laws are established to help determine things like the most optimal way for a business to treat its employees, manufacture its products or manage its participation in the stock market. They set guidelines for how transportation systems should be designed, the kinds of qualifications that secondary school teachers must have to be hired or whether or not a doctor should be required to take certain precautions before attending to a patient on the operating table. Domestic laws can govern the kinds of ingredients that can be used to formulate hair products, the standards that farmers must meet to grow and sell vegetables and how the collective of hospitals, clinics and medical professionals that comprise a health care system should deliver care to patients. Hit for more read.


Virtually every society has created and implemented its own paradigms for deciding how to develop the policies that govern public life, civil society and business. The area of law that gives special attention to the ways that the legal systems of various nation-states interact with and resemble one another is known as comparative law. There are countless legal questions that fall under comparative law. These inquiries might concern the legal agreements or treaties that are drafted between two countries that lay out the terms of the end of a conflict that have been mutually-agreed upon. Comparative law practitioners might concern themselves with a treaty that is meant to promote gender equality. In the case of comparative law specialist Sujit Choudry there are areas of the field that have to do with how the central document that serves as a nervous system of sorts for a political system are put together.


Sujit Choudry’s scholarship and hands-on work have looked at how the process of creating a constitution works within political contexts where a nation that is transitioning from being ruled by an authoritarian regime to being governed by a constitutional democracy. He has used his skills as an academic to develop approaches to the constitution drafting process that he has used to advise governments like Jordan, Libya and Egypt.


According to Choudry’s road to becoming a comparative law expert has been a long one. He began as a clerk in Canada’s highest court and from there he went on to teach law at some of the country’s most prestigious universities. He has taught at the University of California, Berkley, New York University School of Law and the University of Toronto.

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Securus Helps Customers And The Government At The Same Time

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Securus has been helping our family talk for some time, and we are pleased to see that they are also helping the government with their investigations. We are using the Securus system often, and this article explains how the service helps everyone who has family in jail. We are in the same position as many other families, and we see that Securus is offering a finer service.


#1: How Do They Help The Government?


The government has many investigations open, and they are using anything they may find to get the information they need about each new investigation. They are counting on Securus and their voice recognition software to find information about cases that are still open. We know these cases have been broken by information that was found by Securus, and I know they are not infringing on us as they look for information.


#2: We Call The Jails Every Day


We are trying to call the jails every day to speak with family, and it is quite a lot of fun to see someone we love on a video call. The video call is much easier to see, and it helps us get the connection we are hoping for. I enjoy the calls because they are easy to see, and we can hear just as clearly.


#3: I Believe The System Is The Simplest


I feel good knowing we all may use Securus. There are many different people we have spoken to on Securus to see how they are doing, and we will continue to call as many times as we can to ensure everyone is alright.


I believe Securus is doing the finest work in the industry, and I am pleased with the way they help our family. The family is connected because we have their video calls and their system.


How Eric Pulier Combined Compassion And Hi Tech

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A Prodigy Of Technology

The software industry has its fair share of young prodigies making their way and flipping the industry upside down. Eric Pulier takes the “kid genius who changed everything” archetype and throws it into hyperdrive. He is now one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in technology today with a fortune worth millions from the numerous startups he has created. People like Eric Pulier aren’t something you see every single day, but the impact he has had will last for decades to come.

A Star Of The 90s

Most of the important world of Eric Pulier happened in the 90s. During this period the world was finally getting used to things like the internet and personal computers. Eric Pulier pulled out countless patents for everything from APIs, or application programming interfaces, remote desktop software, and other marvels. He even played a key role in the creation of social networks. Overall, the 90s were the hey days of Eric Pulier and allowed him to establish himself as a leader in tech. He not only advanced the industry but also brought about a new technically based philanthropy.

Using Tech To Give Back

Philanthropy is a major aspect of the work of Eric Pulier. He wants to use his talent to make the world a better place in any way that he can. This has led him to create a number of important charitable software programs. A great example of these software programs is Starbright World. The Starbright Foundation wanted to create something that would allow the children who resided at its hospitals a chance to interact with each other and connect with others who face similar conditions. Today, Starbright World helps children living in more than 70 hospitals reach out to each other.

Eric Pulier Today

Eric Pulier is still an active philanthropist today, bt he works on a much larger scale than in previous years. Much of his work is centered around the Clinton Global Initiative and finding ways to help problems affecting people around the globe through the use of technology.

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