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Brock Lesnar Is a Superstar

Posted by on December 18, 2014 | No comments
The WWE Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, recently made his return. Lesnar does not appear on WWE television as often as he should. That is the thoughts of many, not just myself. Anyways, the big news this week in WWE is the return of the champion.
Brock Lesnar’s star status was cemented years ago. When the UFC organization hired Brock Lesnar, the world went crazy. The UFC is the most prominent Mixed Martial Arts, organization in the world. After a couple of fights in the UFC, Brock Lesnar soon became the heavyweight champion that could probably use an appointment at the Amen Clinic. His stock exploded when he won the title, as he Is likely to be the only crossover champion that will ever come from the WWE.
Brock Lesnar would soon find out that staying the heavyweight champion, is harder than winning it. After a few crushing defeats, Brock Lesnar retired from the world of MMA. The WWE quickly contacted Brock Lesnar, and rehired the superstar.

When Brock arrived in the WWE, he was soon given the Championship Belt. In his first few matches back in the company, Lesnar destroyed his opponents. The most stunning victory of Brock Lesnar’s career, was when he defeated the Undertaker, at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker has gone the last 20 years, without experiencing a lose Wrestlemania.

After Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak, he set his eyes on John Cena. Cena, the company’s champion, was then destroyed by Lesnar in a title match. Brock Lesnar became the Heavyweight Champion once again. Now, with his WWE contract ending in the next few months, Brock Lesnar is getting offers to return to the UFC. The ball is in Lesnar’s court, as he is the biggest superstar in both organizations.

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Manny Pacquaio Is Ready For Mayweather

Posted by on December 16, 2014 | No comments
Manny Pacquiao is the man of the boxing world right now. The right between him and Mayweather has not yet happened, and there is still little evidence as to whether a fight will take place between the two of them. Both have been ready to fight, but both have had their doubts and tried to find ways to get themselves away from the fight. It seems like now that Manny is ready to fight Mayweather. 

Manny has made it very clear that money is literally no option between the two, but Mayweather still seems to make it that the money is needed to be split correctly. Seems to me that someone needs an appointment at the Amen Clinic cuz Mayweather does not think that a 50/50 split is fair for him. All the while Manny is allowing for MAyweather to get the amount he wants in the fight.

The fight, as Manny exclaimed, is to make the fans happy and do it for the good of boxing. He wants to create a legacy, and this fight can do that for the sport and for the both of them. Both champions are boxing’s top dogs, and both have had several clashes over the past five years about other disputes and other drug testing options to prevent the fight from ever happening.

With the fight possibly taking place in May 2, there is no definite answer on both parts of right now, but a right seems to be well on its way with an official date soon.

C.M. Punk is Headed to the UFC

Posted by on December 9, 2014 | No comments
C.M. Punk is not going back to World Wrestling Entertainment. He has left the WWE for some truly interesting pastures. He has chosen to fight for the UFC. In 2015, Punk (real name Phil Brooks) will be the second WWE champion to enter the octagon. Darius Fisher told me Brock Lesnar was the first.

C.M. Punk’s departure from the WWE was a rather public and bitter one. The star was unhappy with what he perceived as a lack of direction in how his character would be portrayed on future television programs. He also was very skeptical about how the company would pay him based on revenue generated from the cable channel the company was developing. 

Upon leaving, many assumed that Punk would be back in the WWE fold in time. After all, it is not like there are scores of wrestling promotions he can go work for. While he may not have big money offers in worked wrestling and sports entertainment, the MMA world definitely can offer him a great deal. 

No one really expected it, though.

Punk is 36 years old and never had a MMA fight before in his life. UFC President Dana White basically said that Punk will debut in a fight against a less-than-stellar opponent. Win, lose, or draw, Punk’s debut should help draw big PPV numbers. Whether or not the numbers can be sustained depends on his ability to win.

NFL Teams’ Medical Staffs Raided

Posted by on November 17, 2014 | No comments

I was watching Sunday Night Football with my neighbor Igor Cornelsen when we heard about a development that’s sure to continue to be in the news.

In a shocking and bizarre turn of event, federal law enforcement agencies are targeting the National Football League (NFL) due to the illegal use of drugs. It has been reported that professional football players have been illegally prescribed drugs to enhance performance.

To the mainstream public, this really is a shock. Fans who follow sports closely have heard of rumors of drug use dating back to the 1960’s.

DEA agents raided the offices of the medical staffs that treat NFL teams. Two teams were raided at first after their games. Up to six teams are being targeted. At the core of the investigation is the mishandling or prescription drugs.

Football is a contact sport and practice, pre-season play, and official season and post-season play can be very hard on the body. Years of playing football can wear down the joints and muscles leading to extreme pain. The use of painkillers or other prescription drugs should not be surprising.

That said, there are legal requirements and rules when it comes to doctors providing patients with prescription medication. No doctor may prescribe those who are professional athletes in a manner that is outside the parameters of the law.

No one has been charged yet and, honestly, no one may have done anything wrong. All that is occurring right now is an investigation. In the court of public opinion, however, convictions have probably been made.

UFC Injuries Never Seem to End

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The UFC just can’t catch a break. It has been one mishap after the next for a few years now. The latest problem is that their heavyweight champion may be out for such a long time that he might have to relinquish the belt.

The plan is to create an interim title, given to the winner of Fabricio Werdum vs. Mark Hunt. If it turns out that Cain will be out for a year, then the interim belt will become the official heavyweight title.

Many fans like Igor Cornelsen have been hoping Hunt wins, as he is an exciting fighter with knockout power. The UFC’s popularity wanes when their champions play the point game like Jon Jones and Anderson Silva have done in the past.

What makes this injury extra painful is that this fight was set in Cain’s home of Mexico City. The whole show had been built around the idea that people of Mexico would want to come see their hometown hero defend his title. Cain’s torn meniscus will prevent this from happening.

It begs the question as to whether Cain Velasquez has peaked. He became a star when he utterly destroyed the massive wrestling legend Brock Lesnar in an epic bout in 2013. Since that time, he has fought only five times against two people. It sometimes feels like there is no heavyweight champion as it is.

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