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Lakers Cheerleader Nailed In The Face With Basketball On Set

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Anyone who is a fan of Will Ferrell, may want to see the video of him nailing a cheerleader at a Lakers game, right in the side of the face. You can try to keep a straight face after watching the video, but it’s absolutely hilarious. Will Ferrell Set. Will storms onto the court, and insist on taking a shot with the basketball. When he takes the basketball, he runs forward like he’s going to toss it into the net, and he instead throws it right into the side of a cheerleader’s head. The video is too funny for words.

You can see the video in slow motion, to see exactly how it goes down, and trust when we say that you won’t stop laughing. After the woman is hit with the basketball, she flies off her feet, and everyone runs to her rescue. Will is then grabbed by several security personnel, and escorted off the court. If someone was watching, they may not know that this was not real, but a staged scene for an upcoming movie with Will Ferrell. The movie is entitled “Daddy’s Home,” and it will feature Mark Wahlberg.

The scene on the basketball court, is enough to make fans like Zeca Oliveira want to go and see the movie, but it may be wise to wait for some more footage first. Will Ferrell is known for his wild antics, and has made many comedy movies over the years.

Ricardo Dos Sontos Shot Dead

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The Surfing world is mourning today after the loss of one of the best young surfers in the world, Ricardo Dos Sontos of Brazil. Dos Santos was hands down one of the best tube riders in the world and has gained a strong reputation as one of the most consistent surfers on the tour. He gained a lot of notoriety in Tahiti in 2012 for winning the Andy Irons award for his performance at the Billabong Pro. He was allegedly shot outside his home in Brazil the other day after getting into an argument with a man who is an off duty police officer and his brother. Dos Santos suffered life threatening injuries, but did not die at the scene.

He underwent four separate surgeries in an attempt to save his life, but the attempts proved to be futile. The off duty officer that shot him stated that he acted in self-defense and that Ricardo Dos Sontos came at him with a knife, but there was no knife found at the scene of the crime. The officer has been brought in for questioning, but there has been no official charges as of yet.  Gianfrancesco Genoso, attorney by day, but surfer by heart made a statement saying that the entire surfing world lost an amazing surfer that had heaps of potential going forward in his career. More than that though, everyone liked Ricardo and he will be missed collectively by the entire surfing world for the short but big impact he made on the sport.

The Bill For Being a No Show

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In a wild story out of Europe, a 5 year old boy came home from school with what would amount to a bill for $24. In Europe, the amount is £15.95. This bill is because little Alex did not show up to a classmate’s birthday party planned at Plymouth’s Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre.

Alex’s Dad had originally said yes that Alex would come, but discovered there were prior plans with the boy’s grandparents. Parents of the boy who had the party asked a teacher to give the bill to Alex to give to his Dad.

Derek, who is Alex’s Father said he will not pay this bill. He claimed he would have contacted the parents beforehand, but there was no contact information.

So will the birthday child’s parents sue? It would be a losing situation if they do. It costs £60 to make a small court claim.

I wonder if Alex will be invited to any other birthday parties in the near future. I find this the kind of crazy story you usually see on Metacritic or gag accounts. I asked friends, like Darius Fisher, what they thought about this kind of crazy story and most agreed it was a little nuts.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich

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I recently had to have reconstructive surgery after a bungee jumping accident last fall. To all you extremists out there, always check your ropes. Anyway, I was honestly pretty freaked out about the whole thing but after meeting with Dr. Rodney Rohrich, I knew I was in good hands. Now, you can’t even tell that I sustained multiple complex injuries. I thought I would share what I know just in case any of my fellow jumpers, hang gliders, and climbers ever need to know who to call when it all goes South.

Dr. Rohrich is a world-renowned plastic surgeon that has revolutionized his specialty in the medical field. He attended North Dakota State University in his home state and then graduated from Baylor College of Medicine. After successfully completing a residency program at the University of Michigan Medical Center, Mr. Rohrich received further training in plastic surgery at England’s prestigious Oxford University. His educational credentials also include attending the Harvard Medical School. Since 1986, Dr. Rod Rohrich has been an indispensable member of the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. He has served as the chairman of this institution’s Department of Plastic Surgery since 1991.

Specializing in over a dozen different surgical procedures from facial rejuvenation to eyelid molding and body contouring, Dr. Rohrich is among plastic surgery’s most elite. As the President of The Rhinoplasty Society, Dr. Rod Rohrich is also a leading expert on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and the author of Navigate Your Beauty.  Additionally, this Dallas-based plastic surgeon is credited with writing more than 1,500 papers that have circulated throughout the global scientific community. He’s also a regular contributor to journal publications for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

With decades of experience as a top plastic surgeon, Dr. Rod Rohrich has become a major media personality in the medical world. From the Dallas Morning News to CNN, he’s often featured on notable talk shows and news programs that allow him to express his valuable insight on his own forte and other general issues in medicine. Dr. Rohrich has also been recognized by D Magazine, Who’s Who among America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and other medically focused channels.  As a chairman in the Dallas for Children Foundation, Dr. Rod Rohrich is also dedicated towards philanthropic efforts that help kids who might not be able to afford expensive plastic surgeries.

Harry Kane All Set for England Call Up

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Tottenham striker Harry Kane has enjoyed a great 12 months. The English striker has been a revelation since being promoted from the club’s youth team in the 2013/2014 season. Kane has been one of their best players in recent months.

The striker has managed to score 17 times in all competitions, from 27 appearances. His scoring is not the only great asset at Kane’s disposal. He is a very technical player who has the ability to bring others into the game. His play has improved the form of Christian Eriksen as well.

The England boss Roy Hodgson has been taking a very hard look at Kane over the past few weeks. He is seriously considering adding Kane to his squad. With Daniel Sturridge injured, there is a space open in England’s front line for Kane to fill. He is in better form than Danny Welbeck, who replaced Sturridge during the fall international games.

English clubs and newspapers do have a tendency to over hype young players when they show some form. However, Kane looks like the real deal. He is a consummate professional who has been nothing but loyal to Tottenham. In addition, he looks to have the technical ability to forge a long career in the Premier League.

If Kane gets a call up it is likely that he will start alongside Wayne Rooney in attack, which makes Mark Ahn excited. Roy Hodgson will be hoping that the two can form a deadly partnership.

UFC 182, Weigh In

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The UFC 182 weigh ins are complete and fans like Ken Griffin are stoked. The event was held in front of an excited Las Vegas crowd. All of the fighters made their agreed upon weights. There are a few great fights on this card, but the world’s eyes are focused on Jon Jones versus Daniel Cormier. 
Leading up to the weigh ins, Jon Jones had been talking a lot of trash about his opponent. Jones also stated that he was going to head butt Daniel Cormier at the weigh in. Cormier disregarded Jones’s threat. When the two fighters actually came face to face, Jon Jones did not even look into Daniel Cormiers eyes. Cormier knew that Jon Jones was all talk. 

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones weighed in at 205lbs. Cormier’s body looked better than ever, and I bet he trained harder after Jones called him fat. Jon Jones may have bitten off way more than he can chew. Daniel Cormier looked like a man possessed, but Jones looked a bit more nervous. This fight will go down in history as one of the most anticipated fights of all time.

Will Jon Jones’s championship reign finally come to an end. If somehow Jones does defeat Daniel Cormier, he would be considered the greatest of all time. Daniel Cormier is a very serious threat against the long time champion.

For more information on the highly anticipated matchup between Jon Jones, and Daniel Cormier, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Gennady Golovkin Is Boxing’s Future

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Gennady Golovkin has taken the boxing world by storm. The undefeated middleweight is a knockout artist. Making him a favorite among those like Flavio Maluf. Golovkin has destroyed every single fighter that has stood before him. He has become a boxing attraction. His quick knockouts and aggressive style make him exciting to watch.

Gennady Golovkin has tremendous boxing ability, as well as knockout power. What makes Golovkin better than an average slugger, is the fact that he sets up his power punches. Golovkin is a master boxer, and it’s going to be nearly impossible for anyone to beat him. A combination puncher with K.O. power is a deadly opponent for anyone.

Golovkin is shaping up to be the next big PPV draw. He already sells out arena’s across the world. In his most recent fight, Golovkin dominated his opponent in front of a full crowd at the ‘Staples Center.’ The American people love Gennady Golovkin, and easy to see why. Golovkin reminds the fans of a young Mike Tyson.

It’s not hard to justify the comparison of Golovkin to Tyson. Golovkin storms his opponents, and he tries to knock them out in the first round. Not many opponents can survive the initial onslaught, and if they do, it’s only a matter of time before it’s over.

The future of boxing is Gennady Golovkin. His exciting boxing style draws the masses.
For more information on Gennady Golovkin, visit  Yahoo! Sports.

Jon Jones Is The UFC Villian

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The UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, is not happy with the signing of Cm Punks. Jones, stated that he hopes Cm Punk gets knocked out. Jon Jones should not be talking about a fellow competitor like that Cm Punk. He should be finding friends on Skout.

Sure, Cm Punk is not a decorated MMA fighter, but he is willing to step into the octagon. Punk deserves respect, and he should be degraded by anyone. Jon Jones may have become the most hated superstar in the UFC. He has continued to show his true character.

The UFC had plans of painting Jones as a ‘good guy.’ The world saw Jon Jone’s true colors when a camera caught him off the air. Jones did not realize that the cameras were still rolling. His despicable character was finally displayed to the world. Jon Jones better have his mind on his next opponent.

Daniel Cormier will drop down in weight class to battle Jon Jones for the light heavyweight championship. Cormier is an undefeated fighter and a highly respected MMA practitioner. Jon Jones will have the toughest fight of his life when he faces Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 182.

The world is waiting for Jon Jones to be defeated. Most MMA fans have heard enough of Jones. Hopefully, Daniel Cormier can shut him up for good.

For more information on Jon Jones, visit Yahoo! Sports.

UFC’s Rise and Potential Fall

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The UFC continues to grow as a company. At one point in time the UFC was a small time MMA organization. The company has turned into a global sensation with fans a far reaching as Bernardo Chua. The UFC is broadcast in 179 countries across the world. The organization is led by their long time president, Dana White. 

Dana White’s dream is to make the UFC into the biggest sport on the planet. As the UFC continues to grow, so does its problems. The UFC organization is currently being sued by its former fighters. The lawsuit is over the monopolization of MMA. 

The UFC organization has purchased most of its competition. Many fighters have complained about their salaries in the last few years. The UFC has been criticized by the social media about this subject in the past. Dana White claims that his fighters are paid well, but many fighters claim otherwise.

UFC’s popularity is higher than ever. So, its fighters should be getting paid more than ever. The UFC is worth well over $6 billion dollars. The organization’s highest paid fighters only make a few million dollars. The company’s lowest paid fighters make only a few thousand. The UFC fighters need fair representation across the board. All fighters should make enough money to support their family’s.

For more information on the UFC, visit Yahoo! Sport.

Brock Lesnar Is a Superstar

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The WWE Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, recently made his return. Lesnar does not appear on WWE television as often as he should. That is the thoughts of many, not just myself. Anyways, the big news this week in WWE is the return of the champion.
Brock Lesnar’s star status was cemented years ago. When the UFC organization hired Brock Lesnar, the world went crazy. The UFC is the most prominent Mixed Martial Arts, organization in the world. After a couple of fights in the UFC, Brock Lesnar soon became the heavyweight champion that could probably use an appointment at the Amen Clinic. His stock exploded when he won the title, as he Is likely to be the only crossover champion that will ever come from the WWE.
Brock Lesnar would soon find out that staying the heavyweight champion, is harder than winning it. After a few crushing defeats, Brock Lesnar retired from the world of MMA. The WWE quickly contacted Brock Lesnar, and rehired the superstar.

When Brock arrived in the WWE, he was soon given the Championship Belt. In his first few matches back in the company, Lesnar destroyed his opponents. The most stunning victory of Brock Lesnar’s career, was when he defeated the Undertaker, at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker has gone the last 20 years, without experiencing a lose Wrestlemania.

After Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak, he set his eyes on John Cena. Cena, the company’s champion, was then destroyed by Lesnar in a title match. Brock Lesnar became the Heavyweight Champion once again. Now, with his WWE contract ending in the next few months, Brock Lesnar is getting offers to return to the UFC. The ball is in Lesnar’s court, as he is the biggest superstar in both organizations.

For more information on Brock Lesnar, visit Rollingstone.

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