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Old Forester 86 Proof Review — British Bourbon.

Old Forester is a bourbon that deserves the name. Historic and well respected in the community, it’s considered by many to be the benchmark for a good bourbon. Today we’re taking a look at the flagship product from this historic company: the 86 Proof bourbon. History. The ‘old’ in Old Forester. 18/11/2016 · Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 86 proof Unboxing - Duration: 4:34. Trenny and C 1,580 views. 4:34. Whisky Review/Tasting:. Ep 198: Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Review and Tasting with Old Forester Classic Comparison - Duration: 10:45.. So far, the evidence I've tasted has led me to the conclusion that in general, I like Old Forester/Woodford Reserve at less than 100 proof. I like the 86 quite a bit as a everyday bourbon that you don't need to feel bad about using up too quickly. I liked the Single Barrels at their 90 proof. Old Forester 86 Proof is made in the same classic style originated by George Garvin Brown in 1870. Twice-distilled, this remarkable spirit is crafted using a precise grain recipe of corn, rye and malted barley. Old Forester is richer in rye than most bourbons, resulting in a uniquely full, rich, genuine character.

Old style, slightly rough and young tasting. Decent and cheap enough for the money. Notes: This bourbon, much like its founder, is iconoclastic and in some ways hard to easily define. This was the first bourbon to be bottled. Prior to this, every bourbon was shipped in barrels then poured into decanters usually engraved and set out in the bar. Old Forester Bourbon is adored for its spicy, cherry, pralines and chocolate flavor notes. This Bourbon is carefully distilled at Old Forester distillery, United States. Based on 179 votes, the average rating for Old Forester Bourbon is 7.3/10. Top reviews for Old Forester Bourbon: — Great flavors — Great tasting bourbon and a reasonable price. A bottle of Old Forester Classic 86 Proof bourbon, the recipe of which is in keeping with the style of when it was first introduced by George Garvin Brown in 1870. High in rye content, this is ful. Old Forester welcomes you to discover the world's first Bottled Bourbon™. Explore our Whiskies and Distillery. Plan your visit today. Every fingerprint is unique. The same is true for every barrel of bourbon. Old Forester Single Barrel is bottled from one individual barrel, selected from lots which are.

Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky. 86 Proof. Price Point: $15 – $25 for 750 ML. Distiller: Brown-Forman Distillers Co. Background. Old Forester is one of those whiskeys you see on the shelf pretty often but never think to pick up. Old Forester 86 Proof Bourbon Whisky Created in 1870, Old Forester is the only bourbon continuously distilled and marketed by the founding family before, during and after Prohibition. At 86 proof, Old Forester delivers a genuine bourbon experience, with r. Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky, 43-57.5% Alc./Vol., Old Forester Mint Julep Cocktail, 30% Alc./Vol. Old Forester Distilling Company at Louisville in Kentucky. OLD FORESTER. Old Forester is a brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey produced by the Brown-Forman Corporation. It is officially the longest running Bourbon on the market today approximately 145 years as of 2016, and was the first bourbon sold exclusively in sealed bottles.

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21/03/2019 · Old Forester Signature 100 Proof doesn’t actually say “Signature” anywhere on its bottle. It gets its name in honors the legacy of founder George Garvin Brown, which features his signature on every bottle. Old Forester is the longest running bourbon brand on the market and was the first. Old Forester, the first bourbon to be exclusively sold in a bottle, is distilled by Brown-Forman. This particular bottle, however, is a dusty version of Old Forester bottled in 1990 with a label that was particular to the Japanese market.

In 1870 George Garvin Brown created Old Forester on Louisville, KY’s, famous Whiskey Row. In honor of that milestone year in bourbon history, we have crafted a tribute – Old Forester 1870 Original Batch – the first expression in the Old Forester Whiskey Row series. The Bourbon Rundown The best bourbon blogs, bourbon videos, bourbon podcasts, and bourbon reviews. Old Forester Signature Credit: Richard Thomas I don’t actually know anyone other than myself who ever refers to Old Forester Signature by that name, and I only do so in a formal context. The word “Signature” doesn’t appear on the bottle, and the name refers to the signature of Brown-Forman founder George Garvin Brown. [Overall impression of this bottling]As a fan of their Birthday Bourbon - I decided to get back to my roots and purchase a new bottle of the original 86 proof. By far the best $15 spent on a bottle of bourbon. Now I am looking forward to trying the 100 Proof Signature. Old Forester will be a staple within this household for a long time to come.

Compared to classic Old Forester 86 proof, this is a step up; more nuanced with a richer nose, and less oak and edge all around – no doubt a function of maturing on the first floor. No age statement, but I’d guess it isn’t very old. The few Old Forester Single Barrels I’ve seen where the store posted the age all tended to be 4 to 5 yrs old. 16/07/2019 · Old Forester has only had 3 Master Distillers since 1963 which has helped to keep things consistent across the board. Today I’m going to be taking a look at the flagship 86 proof Old Forester bourbon. Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. 750ML 2013 Release, USA. 96-100 points: Wine Enthusiast " The bouquet features a delightful corn aroma with additional scents of sweet oak, charcoal and palm oil. I think this bourbon held up well over the years and probably represents what Old Forester tasted like back in the 70s quite well. The most notable thing that stands out to me is the mouthfeel on this, it’s a bit more silky than modern whiskey. The flavors are very “classic” in my opinion, without much complexity, not necessarily a bad thing. If I want cheap bourbon, I'm gonna buy bourbon for like half the price, or less. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad - as I say, I've never had a bad straight bourbon; I've had my fair share of bland, boring, and uninteresting straight bourbons, and some of those had some off notes like too much ethanol or unbalanced tannin.

Bourbon is as American as baseball, apple pie, and Jazz—and it might even be more delicious! And like many American products, bourbon whiskey has found its way around the world and into the restaurants, bars, and homes of millions of people. Our pick for the best bourbon whiskey is Old Forester 1920. The flagship Old Forester bourbon comes in at 86 proof and is the flagship bourbon having been around for well over 150 years. Early Times Distillery began its journey as JTS Brown and Bro. founded by George Garvin Brown in 1870 believing in a market for "medicinal quality whisky.". 13/05/2019 · More commonly, the two basic Old Forester bourbons are referred to by their proof: Old Forester 86 and Old Forester 100, the latter being this one. Old Forester is made from Brown-Forman’s staple mash bill, a thoroughly middle of the road bourbon recipe of.

Our Old Forester 86 Proof Whisky delivers a genuine bourbon experience, with rich, full flavor and a smooth character. Discover its bold flavors today.It’s a long in the tooth brand; the first bourbon to be exclusively available in bottle, which began in 1870 as a way of giving consumers a much-needed measure of confidence that their bourbon hadn’t been mucked about with. One of the more talked-about pours on the BBS Facebook group at the moment is the Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style.It was also the first bourbon to come in a bottle. Before that bourbon was delivered in barrels and served from decanters. I tried Old Forester at my friend’s man cave last night. It was the only bourbon he had and the garage complete with a replica “leg lamp” from A.

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